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Do I keep taking my Monistat?

I had a very uncomfortable yeast infection, yet I felt the most discomfort when taking my nightly dose of Monistat7 to help get rid of the infection.

Yesterday was day 3 of having the infection and it felt better, when I used my monistat for the 3rd night I was still very itchy as a side effect of the medication. Today, I felt so much better. I was going to skip my monistat for the 4th night, but then decided to take it since the swelling is still there a bit. Once again, the medication’s symptoms are worst than the actual yeast infection. So itchy and burning, which I read is normal with monistat, but it’s causing so much discomfort that I can barely even fall asleep (since you must take it at night)

Can I stop taking my monistat if I feel very little to no symptoms during the day? I can’t take the monistat side effects any longer!!!! Driving me insane!!!

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Hi its best to see a doc about this as a continuos yeast infection indicates that your vaginal Ph is not correct causing normal flora to grow out of control. you can also post this in the womens health group as this is for std,s
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I'm a big fan of ONE day monostat ovules.  They work really well for me.  I've never tried 7 day.  If the medication seems to be irritating you though, stop taking it.  A doctor can prescribe a tablet that you take that works really well.  Other things to consider with yeast infections is cutting down on sugar, wearing cotton underpants and changing them if they become damp and taking a daily probiotic in either supplement form or smoothie drink or yogurt.  good luck
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