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Do I need surgery right now?

This year at my pap and check up. my gyn said that my bladder had dropped a bit, but was not horrible.
He had me do an abdominal MRI to see if my uterus was pulling my bladder down.
Pap was normal, uterus and ovaries are ok and in the correct spots.
MRI said nothing about my bladder.
My only symptons are occasional urgency, no leakage.
He wants me to see a urogyn for options.  

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It sounds like this was a coincidental finding and not based on you having particularly troubling symptoms ("occasional urgency" doesn't sound pressing). You didn't mention your age but hormonal changes (such as in perimenopause and menopause) can cause some urinary changes (urge or stress incontinence and incomplete emptying) even when the bladder has not dropped.

If you do indeed have something that needs intervention, pelvic floor therapy or even a pessary to hold the bladder up would be a good place to start. Prolapse surgery is major surgery and risky with a high failure rate. And if they use mesh, you have probably seen the TV ads for mesh lawsuits. The mesh can cause infections which are difficult to heal because your tissue grows around the mesh so it is next to impossible to remove the mesh, the source of the infection.

I was overtreated and permanently harmed (hysterectomy and ovary removal) by my gynecologist and he was "incahoots" with the oncologist to whom he sent me. My medical records contain evidence of unethical behavior.
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Surgery is usually the last resort when other means of correction fail.

It is a good idea to see a urogyn.  They will be able to discuss things in more detail with you, and discuss the options with you.

It is good that you are not experiencing any leakages.

specialmom mentioned pelvic floor exercises and you can does these anywhere and no one would know.  

Best wishes.
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Hi there.  Well, this is a member to member forum and there are not doctors here.  no one can tell you better than your doctor.  I would get the opinion of the urogyn. There may be other options such as physical therapy to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, pharmaceutical help, etc.  But you need to go over your results with the urogyn.  I would think that frequent urgency without leakage is a good sign that this can be handled in another manner.  good luck
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