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Do you ovulate if you dont have your period?

Okay.  I'm 23 years old and I have a very irregular period.  I only have it every 4 months or so and when I do it is really heavy.  I haven't had my period for about 3 months now.  I recently had sex and the guy came inside of me twice. Stupid mistake, I know.  That was about a week ago.  For the past couple days I have had really bad stomach cramps.  Almost like period cramps but it really isn't time for me to have my period.  I was just wondering if you do ovulate even if you dont have your period? Being pregnant isn't really a concern right now because I am assuming these are just period cramps, but I would like to know the answer just in case I dont start in the next week or so.  Should I worry about being pregnant?  I mean it's only been a week....would I even be able to tell anything yet?  I am pretty sure a test wouldn't work this soon but since I dont really know when I am going to have a missed period I'm not sure when I should take a test if I dont start.  I just need some advice.  I have talked to my mom about this and she just says that I'm stupid for thinking that I could be pregnant but it's my body.  Something just doesn't feel right.  I need help!
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First, why would you let "the guy" come inside of you? I am going to err on the side of stupid, and assume this isn't some one-night stand and that you know his sexual history and have both been tested for stds.

Anyway - irregular periods mean irregular (if at all) ovulation. And you certainly wouldn't know at this point either way if you were pregnant. Many women who do these sort of things, make themselves believe they're pregnant so I would assume this is the case with you. Wait at least 2-3 weeks before you even consider any sort of pregnancy testing. (Altho you can probably start testing for stds now)
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No this was not a one night stand.  I have been with this guy for about 5 years now.  I do know his history, which would be me.  We have both been tested for STDs.  I'm not trying to make myself believe that I am pregnant.  That is the last thing that I want.  I just found it weird that a week after it happened I have cramps like this.  I'm sorry that I am concerned.
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if you do not want to become pregnant then you certainly are playing with fire? no?
are you on BC to regulate your periods or at least on BC so you do not want to get pregnant when you are not ready?
it MAY be too late? you could be pregnant. i would buy an HPT just to check in and see. however, i would not set in stone the results. given your "case"
i would say that it is too early to be feeling symptoms that's for sure. too early (typically) to ovulate although i ovulate wicked early (hence my 5 yr old).
its very difficult for any of us to even guess what could be going on since you are so irregular and of course we dont know your body. have you been for an obgyn appt recently?
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My periods are also irregular the same as yours 2 to 3 times a year and I swear I was ovulating last week. I had the sticky clear discharge and lots of it sorry if tmi. I know I do not ovulate every month though, but I have been preg. before. My periods has always been the same since I started in 7th grade. So yes it is POSSIBLE to ovulate and get preg. with irregular periods. I hope everything works out for you. Good luck.
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i have been pregnant before but i have been trying for over a year now! after last baby july 2006 got depo jag.  went to doctors june 2007 and still wasnt ovulating?? is this to do with depo?? i have started having regular periods again last 3 months! and couple of days ago had gungy clear discharg lasted couple of days! am i ovulating? i got tested for std and yeast infection also a smere but they were all negative! do u think i havent fallen pregnant due to depo?? please help and give me some info
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Hey There

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