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Do you use Hormone Replacement Therapy?

I think pretty much every woman will get to a place at some point where they wonder if they should try hormone replacement therapy. Mixed information about it.  Do you use it and what for? Worries about using it? Let's tlk about it.
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My sister has made me worried about taking estrogen as her friend got breast cancer and her doctor says the estrogen supplementation was involved.  That does make me nervous.  
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It can increase the risk, but every woman has to weigh the benefits with the risks with her doctor.

"The researchers found that compared with women who never used MHT, women who did had a significantly higher risk of developing invasive breast cancer. They estimated that 6.3% of women who never used MHT developed breast cancer, compared to 8.3% of women who used the combination drug continually for five years. That’s roughly one extra cancer diagnosis for every 50 users."

I was really young when I took ERT, and the benefits outweighed the risks - heart disease, osteoporosis, etc. I was also slammed into menopause, and the symptoms were debilitating.

If you have a family history of BC, than the risks may not be for you.
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When I did IVF, they put me on big doses of estrogen and progesterone. After my son was born, I kept on hormones because I was going to do IVF again. No other child was forthcoming (after many other IVF rounds), and after what was apparently the last try, I stayed on a light dose of estrogen with progesterone half the month. I have a good doctor who is not irrational about the research (some doctors simply panic and say no to hormones, some know nothing about whether it's safe or not, and a few do the reading).  After all the hormones in IVF in super huge doses, I'm not afraid of a light dose of hormones now. I would be more worried if I wasn't on progesterone.
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I was on estrogen replacement for years after my hysterectomy. I had few concerns about taking it, since I was young when I had my ovaries removed, and the benefits outweighed the risks.

I'm not on it now, but am thinking about going back on it. The hot flashes are a killer, and I won't even go into the vaginal dryness.
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