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Does PMS appear/get worse after pregnancy?

I'm 30, in pretty good health overall.  I had a baby 18 months ago....Prior to becoming pregnant, I was on BCP for a few years - went off of it 3 months prior to conceiving.  As a teenager and in my early 20's, prior to going on BCP,I would have the occasional brutal period (painful with vomiting) and had very painful, swollen breasts each month.  

I breastfed for 6 months and started menstruating again within a month of stopping.  I'm not on BCP now and, while I'm not having a lot of pain during my periods and my breast are no longer swelling just prior, I'm finding that I'm extra sensitive to when I ovulate (sometimes I get the mittelschmirz (sp.?) and I'm experiencing a lot of aching muscles (legs, arms, back) just before.  I've had some nipple discharge, too (only happens when expressed - and I've had a mammo and u/s to rule out any other cause of that).

I'm figuring that PMS can change and shift, appear and disappear, with age, changes in hormone levels, etc.  Is this the case?  

Anyone else care to share their PMS symptoms?
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I know that certain kinds of birth control pills can reduce PMS symptoms and can also be used to abnormally heavy periods due to hormone imbalances, so it is possible that you are just having your old symptoms back again.  Personally aside from constipation and irritability I don't have many PMS symptoms, but I also have very light periods and my doctor is bringing me in for a final round of testing to see if I even ovulate.  I am currently TTC and it is quite frustrating, so if I had to choose, I'd take the PMS.
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