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Does meth cause a dry vagina?

my present boyfriend uses crystal meth. I have noticed dryness during beginning of masturbate lately. friend say could be because I just started smoking crystal.
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Hi - yes, it could be.

I found this - https://prevention.ucsf.edu/research-project/methamphetamine It says that it dries the skin of the vagina, penis, and anus.

You didn't ask, but I'm going to tell you how bad this is for you. I'm not judging, but there is no way this can go anywhere but badly. If you have to dump the boyfriend in order for you not to do this, then dump the boyfriend. You deserve only the best.

We have an Addiction forum, if you haven't already found it - https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Addiction-Substance-Abuse/show/77 Please consider posting there about your drug use.

Again - no judgement, just compassion.
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his buddies say he will drop me if i don't join him on his flute. I really love this guy. he goes raw in me (condom hater) and hasn't said anything about my drywalls. I really don't want lost him if alternative solution. I don't drag much just enough to make him happy. definitely makes me more sexually active.
You are not being treated well if conditions for your having this prize as a boyfriend are that you have to use meth and have unprotected sex. He obviously is using you. Sorry, this is you not taking care of yourself or loving yourself, if you are allowing yourself to be taken advantage of like this.
Sweetheart, you have to watch out for you, since he is not.
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