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Dry/cracker perineum skin?


I am writing to get some information on what I am experiencing. For the last few months I have been getting recurring, localized perineum "cuts" (one at a time). They vary in pain scale and how long they stay. I have had one stay for less than 24 hours, and one that stayed for about 2 weeks. My perineum area always seems to be sensitive. I have gone to several doctors to try and get some insight, but haven't gotten a clear cut answer. I have tested negative for STDs, including HSV 2. The only result that has ever come back oddly is HSV 1- I have gotten tested 4 times, and tested equivocal, negative, equivocal, positive, all in the span of my current relationship. My partner tested negative for both HSV 1 and HSV 2 several times. My doctor recommended I do not get tested for HSV 1 anymore as she thinks there might be something else in my bloodstream that may be triggering the test, and she and my gynecologist both said that it would be unlikely what I am experiencing is herpes for the reasons it is less likely to contract HSV 1 genitally (given my history and infrequency of oral sex), and the fact that what I experience tends to respond to moisturizer. The cracks of skin I experience are usually surrounded by dry skin, and the last few times I have noticed there has been actual flaking to an extent. I was diagnosed with guttate psoriasis 2 years ago, and have always had dry skin, and flaking on my scalp. I am wondering if this is an extension of psoriasis? The cracked skin has stopped as of a month ago since I started applying small amounts of baby oil after my showers. I am concerned that 1. I am treating this wrong, 2. I am not even on the right track and this is something different than psoriasis (like hsv 1).
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In your shoes, I would get my thyroid tested and would get tested for Hepatitis C.
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...and if no hits on those tests, I would assume it is psoriasis. Have you talked to a dermatologist?
Hi, yes I got tested for Hep C and my Thyroid. Hep C was negative and Thyroid was normal, although my mom does have Thyroid problems.
I also did go to the dermatologist, and unfortunately he didn't provide too much help to me and just said it could be psoriasis and it is not uncommon to happen. I did not really get a clear diagnosis from any doctor I have been to, which so far have been my physician, gynecologist, and most recently the dermatologist. I have been using coconut oil and baby oil, and tried to do my research on safety in that region of my body, and as far as I know both are safe to use in moderation. I have not had nearly as much sensitivity or itching since starting use.  
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