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Early pregnancy questions... not sure what to expect...

Okay, I think I've read some stuff on this before, but I just need to hear it again.  I just several positive HPT's over the past several days.  I think I'm about 5 weeks pregnant (fetus 3 weeks).  And just to update, I don't have my core biopsy results yet (nurse told me to call back at 4:30 today and they were closed!!! little steamed about that!).  My official doc appt is tomorrow afternoon.  Here are the questions:

I'm seriously having on and off cramping, and it's scaring me to death.  No, it isn't any more than normal AF cramping.  Is this really okay?

When does morning sickness generally start?

When can the sex of the baby be determined?  I think I've read 12 weeks, but I don't know if that is 12 weeks from last period, or when the fetus is actually 12 weeks...

Thanks for your help!
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Af like cramps are pretty normal.. as long as they dont get real painful... if they do then you need to call.

morning sickness varies... I got it I think around 6 weeks in one of my pregnancies, 7-8 weeks in the next and not till like 9 or so weeks with my last. In fact in my last pregnancy I had nipple soreness before I had morning sickness.

Appt wise... the first appts for me were usually a TON of paperwork, tons of blood work and a quick vaginal ultrasound.

As for the sex of your baby... gender at like 12-13 weeks on a regular ultrasound machine are NOT very accurate. They usually wait till like 17-20 weeks. On a 3d/4d scan they are more accurate sooner... I think I found out around 15 weeks with one of those scans whileas I had to wait till around 20 weeks with my other pregnancies on the traditional machine
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Thanks for the answers!

AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!  20 weeks seems so long!  I already want to pick out bedding, furniture, names, etc!  I guess if other women survive the wait, I can as well!  

Now that I'm actually pregnant (pending official results tomorrow) I can hardly imagine waiting 9 months to hold my baby...  Then at the same time, I'm thinking how can I get everything ready for a baby in 9 short months!  Yikes!

How is it possible to not get overly excited!  I know 15% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, so we're trying to hold back from getting too attached yet.  It's just so hard!

Oh yeah - one more question...

How long do most of you wait to tell friends and family?  In my situation everybody knows we're trying, so people ask constantly.  At this point I can play it off like I don't know yet, but soon that won't work!
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as for the crampy feeling that is normal in early pregnancy.  I had it will both of my pregnancy's.  As for telling people, lol, I told everyone when the first stick had two little lines.   I was one of those impatient people with my first pregnancy and went unisex on the bedding and stuff just so I could have the thrill of shopping :0)

Good Luck!
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We couldn't keep our babies a secret so we told once the Dr confirmed :) This also helped our minds & hearts knowing our family & friends were praying for our babies just as we were :) Everyones diff. We just knew we couldn't wait, plus I got sick & would also get woozie feeling so I wanted to tell everyone before the sickness set in :)
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Congratulations!!  The cramps are very normal at this stage in pregnancy, usually they are referred to as 'implantation cramps'.  It is difficult to tone down the excitement!!  When I was pregnant with my first, I was the same way!!!  I wish that I would have enjoyed my pregancies, but I feel that I had 'wished them away' to get to the end result quicker....the precious baby!!  Just relax and enjoy the pregnancy, the baby will be here before you know it, and the responsibility will arrive soon enough!  My dr. always did 20 week ultrasounds, which is exactly half way through pregnancy.  It is the best of both worlds.  The first half, you don't know what you are having.  The last half, you do.  I always announce my pregnancy after my 6 week vaginal ultrasound.  Good luck to you and Congrats!!
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congratulations!!!!!! all sounds pretty normal to me. i have 2 beautiful girls! best wishes
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