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Early symptoms?

Hi there everyone,
My husband and I had sex last night and this morning I woke up feeling really sick. My lower back feels very tight and is painful and I have these dull, aching cramps that seem to come and go. It feels a bit like I'm constipated but I know I'm definitely not. I took my dog for a walk this morning and on the way to the park a smoker past me by and the smell of their smoke made me feel extremely ill. This is a bit weird because I have been a smoker since I was 16 and the smell has never bothered me before. My period isn't due for a couple of weeks and I was ovulating the day before we made love. I'm not on the pill and he didn't come inside me. The pain in the lower region of my stomach feels very similar to the first day of my period and likewise to the feeling of the overall sickness that I'm suffering from.
Is it possible  that I may be pregnant? Can you get these symptoms a day later?
Any help would be very much appreciated, I'm a little confused. Blessings to all and thanks.
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Impossible to tell if you're pregnant. Too early. You're also not feeling pregnancy symptoms. At soonest they start a week after ovulation, when implantation occurs. Even then most women won't notice or have them until around 4+ weeks of pregnancy. This is just because the hormone is high enough then to cause symptoms. (usually they peak or get strongest in weeks 6-9) It's probably illness or something you ate. Might even be PMS. It's most definitely not pregnancy though. You can take a pregnancy test in two weeks with first morning urine to see if you are.
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yeah way too early. probably just a stomach bug giving you the cramps and that could be why the smoke made you feel ill too.
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