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Easy Birth Control...

Hello ladies...

After a rough 2 weeks (finding out about pregnancy/then m/c) my hcg levels are back to 0.  I NEED a bc method that will work since i am now TERRIFIED of getting pregnant again right away.  Condoms are uncomfortable - even with lubricant...and i just can't remember to take the pill (hence the pregnancy last time).  Do any of you have suggestions?  I think that the sponge or diaphram seem impractical.  I do not want to go back on depo since my boyfriend & I are planning on getting married/starting a family in the next year or two...any suggestions would be appreciated - i will look into them all!!!

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Or you could look into an IUD. There is a copper one, but that could make your periods longer, heavier and more cramps. But not always. Or there is the Merina (sp?) IUD. that lets out a little bit of a hormone, I believe the same hormones in the pill. and have heard that one your AF is shorter and some women don't even get them at all. Anf then when you want to ttc again they just take it out. You don't have to wait to start to conceive after it comes out. Some Dr's won't put one in unless you have had at least one child, but my Dr doesn't agree with that. It just takes a few min to put in just like a pap. Get some info online and/or talk to your Dr. about it.
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I would suggest the NuvaRing it's easy and there's no discomfort.  I wouldn't go with the patch my doctor said it's got a very high rate of causing blood clots, and it's only effective to a certain weight.  The NuvaRing is easy and very effective.  You place it in for 3 weeks then remove it at the end of the third week, you get your AF, and then 7 days after you removed it you replace it with a new one.  Not something you have to think about everyday.
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I suggest an IUD.  Talk to your gyno about the choices.  A lot of ladies on this forum swear by theirs and say their periods are shorter and more manageable on them too.
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What about the patch or the Nuva ring?
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I would suggest NuvaRing for you too. If you were able to take hormonal birth control before and the only problem was forgetting the pill than it should be easy for you. You could even forget to take it out up to a week and everything would still be fine.

I couldn't be on it anymore because I tried several hormonal methods that all caused crazy physical and psychological symptoms. Now I use the Today Sponge. You might think it would be hard to use and I guess it could kill the moment sometimes but I definitely prefer it to anything that changes hormones. Everyone is different though, so good luck.
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Thanks for all your suggestions...i am still trying to figure out what i want to use.  For now we are using the "pull-out" method.  I KNOW it's not the most effective method...does anyone know how effective it is though?
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