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Egg- white discharge

It's been a long time since I was pregnant, so I've forgotten
alot about pregnancy symptoms.  I've been having a white milky
discharge (on my underwear) and I feel wet like I'm ovulating.  Are these symptoms of pregnancy.  I've been experiencing a dull ache on my right side, also.  I know its not ovulation because I ovulated around the 28th of May.
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Could be a number of things, pregnancy being one. There is a lot of discharge that accompanies pregnancy, but it could also be an infection or maybe early ovulation. Take a test to be sure!
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I did take a test (several in fact - like others I am a
Pee On a Stick addict), and it was BFN.  It could be my
period is a little early - it's techically due on June 16th.
Dang! Just as I'm supposed to be going on vacation with
my family for a week starting on June 10th!  The little
bugger always knows to start when it's most inconvenient!
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yaaay pee on a stick!

Man tell me about it, its like its waiting until u really dont wanna see it and then there it is!
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I went back to the doctor after a week of using Flagyl.  He
took a culture and I have sumptoms of Strep B and now taking
Dioxcyline for 10 days.  He also had me schedule a abdominal
and pelvic ultrasound to see why I am having pain and pressure
on uterus.  J'm scheduled for those June 19th and June 23rd.
respectively.  Wish me luck!
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I hope it's nothing to serious. I'm feeling the same as you but I never get cramps and now I am, STILL. my period was heavy then it just shut like a faucet. And im letting out egg white looking stuff. I can't tighten my stomach muscles with out it hurting. I have an appointment with my doctor, I hope she doesn't say that I am pregnant...
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