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Embarrassing Odor

Even since I finished going through menopause, I've had a problem that I can't seem to get a handle on. I wipe thoroughly and have even started using vaginal wipes and spray, but I just can't seem to eliminate the urine odor after peeing. I don't smell it when my clothes are on, but if I pull my pants down (or take them off), the crotch of my pants and underwear smells of urine. If I'm leaking urine, I can't tell...pants aren't wet/moist. I never had this problem when I was younger. Any ideas why this is happening and how I can stop it?
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Ask the doc, you might indeed be leaking.  It happens when we hit a certain age.  Urine is a base.  Try washing with a mild vinegar solution and see if it helps.  You can also douche with a mild solution of it.  The doc can tell you more about how much and what to uwse.  Or maybe help with continence issues.  I know for me, I retain urine after going.  Then if I cough or sneeze or lift something heavy, I leak.  I self cath with a very discreet easy to use cath that is short but does the job.  It looks like a long lipstick or something.  Twist, open, use and toss.  Its easy even w carpal tunnel.  I use Coloplast Speedi cath.  It is a very thin catheter and I love them.  
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Hi there,

I've heard something like this happens after menopause sometimes.
You might try using a pantiliner or there's a product called Poise.
Which are pads for bladder leakage. It comes in a variety of strengths,
shall we say. Someone suggested washing with mild vinegar or
douching with mild vinegar.  First of all, vinegar whether mild or not
is very acidic. You don't want your crotch to smell of vinegar.
Douching with any product, especially mild vinegar, could cause vaginal
irration and in the worse case scenario, an infection. I've heard a mild
soap like Dove is a good choice of soap to use. I would avoid so called vaginal wipes or sprays. They can also cause potential problems apparently. Hope you find these ideas helpful. Eve

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Hhhmmm... try wearing a pad one day, to see if it becomes wet, smelly or looks peed on.  It is possible that you are slightly incontinent, and simply not aware of it: you can leak very small amounts that dry quickly but leave an odor.  My other concern is that you may have a UTI, which causes strong urine odors.  See your doctor to rule this out. - Blu
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