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Endometrial ablation anyone had this done?

Hi I have scheduled HTA Hydro Thermablation for may 23 and am worried about what to expect post op.  Has anyone had this done and how did you feel after?  Was it successful? Any input would be great/.
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I'm hoping to have a Novasure endometrial ablation this month.  The post op shouldn't be bad, some spotting, discharge and crampiness for a day or two.  I don't know about your exact procedure, though.

There are some discussion groups on the web.  Do a search for endometrial ablation discussion and see what comes up.  There are some good posts, and some scary posts about it.  Remember that more people post about bad results than good ones.
how did this go for you? i gotta go have this done in 2 weeks im so scared im having nightmares about it all
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I had one about 4 years ago.  Basically, you are kind of sore and you walk slowly for a couple of days.  They will give you pain meds.  You have an icky kind of discharge for several days afterwards...it's the uterine lining that flakes off.  I haven't had a period at all since, but some women can/do still get them.  You will still get EVERY symptom of PMS, cramping, headaches, grumpiness, etc., the same as you did before, you just won'd bleed (hopefully ;-).

Good luck!!

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thanks fot the comments!!  I would still like to hear from everyone else who has had it. did you bloat up really big like you were pregnant after your procedure?  Did you experience any weight gain? How long before you felt normal and were able to do activities?
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I didn't have any of the symptoms you described.  I was feeling almost back to my old self within 3 or 4 days.  In fact, the doc said no sex for two weeks, but we didn't make it that long (hehehe).  I wouldn't recommend it though because I got a nasty yeast infection which is probably because of all the antibiotics they run thru the uterus when doing the procedure.  I wouldn't worry, it's really not bad at all.  It's way better than what you're probably going thru now, for sure.

Good Luck!
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Thanks Pammy sue!!  You have really made me feel better about the whole procedure!  You really have no bleeding now!! WOW I'm sure I won't be that lucky, even if I slow down to once a month I'll be greatful.  I'm just sad about giving up the posssibility of more children even tho I have 2 and am probably done ( hubbby has a vascectomy) It's just so final.
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I just had the NOVASURE eblasion done and wanted to post this for anyone thinking of having the procedure. If I had read some of the other blogging sites about this procedure I would not have done it. Thank goodness I didn't read them first! It has been a week and I am feeling great! I had some bad cramping the first day, but easily controlled with meds. I was very bloated and had gas pains for about 3 days afterwards. I was able to get up and move on with life after day 2. when you read some other sites you will read about women who "had" to take 12 days off of work to recover. I seriously hope they were hospitalized otherwise, they were milking it big time! Another comment was that a girl has been bloated for 6 months from the surgery and doctors told her there is nothing they can do about it... come on, is this for real? If that were the case the doctors would have her visiting specialist after specialist.  And finally there is a girl who had the procedure done and the following month was asking if she could have a baby now. READ the brochure woman! Anyway, I wanted to blog this for those of you looking into the procedure- my first advice...don't read all the blogs. I understand that there can be complications with any surgery...but some of the peoplecommenting are unreal! Do what you feel you need to do- I would highly recommend the procedure.
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