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Endometriosis help ASAP!!

Ok ladies...I need some advice!!  I posted an entry on the 27th about my endometriosis pain.  I had the depo shot about a month ago and the pain seemed to be alright for awhile.  The past couple weeks, however, it has returned and gotten significantly worse.  I called my doctor, and he told me I could try some medicine that basically puts me into early menopause for awhile (I'm 19 years old) but the nurse said the hot flashes and side effects would probably be pretty bad.  Another option was a booster of depo, but from what I've heard and experienced, I don't think that sounds like a good idea.  Now all I've got left is another laparoscopy.  I had one 6 months ago...what do you think...should I go ahead with another one or see if the pain subsides?
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I feel for you. I went through the same thing last year and i was told my only other was a hysterectomy. Sadly laproscopy, only works short term, and the scarring left behind leads to more problems. The best advice i can give you is work closely with ur dr and do what the 2 of you feel is best. Best of luck.
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I can relate... I've had endometriosis for about 7 years now (I'm 27 years old). I've had 2 laparosopy's - the first one, they burnt all my spots off then 2 years later when there were more spots, they cut them all out.  To be honest, I feel so much worse since the 2nd operations. I've been to see countless doctors, professors, specialists to no avail.  Every month I've got severe cramps and feel pre menstral for 2.5-3 weeks which is almost all of the time.  I was on the pill for a couple of years and that didn't help.  Some doctors have recommended cutting salt and sugar out of your diet, one week before your periods start and do some intense exercise.. It hasn't helped me but it might help you.. The other doctors say having a baby is my best bet (although there are no guarantees).  When I was 23 a Professor told me I should go into early menopause which I refused.. My husband and I started to try for a baby last month and when I was 9 days late I was extremely hopeful, but would you believe for the first time in my life I've apparently just missed a period.. anyway, that's my complaint!!  Good luck - all I can say is it helps soo much to have good support either by a partner/family or by friends that understand.
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I know your pain.  I had the surgery a year ago and then went on the Lupron shot that put you in Menopause.  For me, the benefits BY FAR outweighed the side effects.  I was able to live a normal pain free life again.  I was on that shot for 3 months and then they switched me to the Depot shot.  I know you may be worried about the Lupron shot, but as long as you take care of yourself (eat healthy etc.) then it will be worth the hot flashes.
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I am 23 and have what we think is endometriosis, but I have declined to get the lap to figure out if that's what it really is.  I am in excruciating pain and becoming depressed, that's how I found this site today.  I plan on trying to have my first child sometime next year, and I have refused any of the treatments that are available so far.  I used depo for a year or so and that was the most wonderful year of my life.  However, I gained 60 lbs that year and have since discovered that any form of birth control involving my hormones makes me gain weight rapidly.  I had to post because I found another site while looking around today that I thought may help a lot of people.  I will be calling her today.  What do I have to lose?  Check it out, too.   http://www.endometriosissupport.com/
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I have been an endometriosis sufferer for over ten years now.  I've had
three surgeries, two of which were laparotomies, with the last one in
February 2007.  I was really frustrated, tired of the pain and really
wanted a solution.  It didn't help that both my mom and and aunt were
sufferers as well.  They both had hysterectomies and still continue to
suffer with bowel obstructions and adhesions.  I felt hopeless.

I decided to not give up and keep trying.  I explored natural remedies
because I liked the idea of not having side effects.

This is what I did:

1.  Researched www.endo101.com which lead me to Dr.  Eckharts's website
www.womhoo.com.  To sum it up, I filled out the free consultation,
ordered the Progestelle, stopped using Xenoestrogens, stopped drinking
coffee, stopped drinking beer.

I had a pelvic exam with my Dr.  last November (2007) and he was
surprised.  I didn't have any cysts.  Normally by this time, the cysts
would be back.  The last surgery I had, one of my cysts was 10 cm and
was pushing against my uterus.

I started drinking coffee again (I really enjoy it) to see how this
would affect my body.  I could get away with drinking a few times a week
but if I drank it everyday, my female area would start to become
sensitive, best described as I could feel each of my ovaries.

2.  My martial arts instructor turned me onto ionized alkaline water in
January (2008).  I saw the demo and was sold.  I bought the filtration
system and started testing it out.  I felt even better.  My
was better during my workouts and I didn't feel sluggish when I slept
only 6 hours.  I tested out drinking coffee again and could get away
with drinking it everyday.  My roommates also started drinking the water
and for the first time, they both no longer have cramps on their
periods.  www.explorekangen.com

I told myself that once I found relief, I would share it with as many
people as I could so that they can find relief as well.  This is a hard
disease and as a career minded individual, it was really difficult for
me to work and to keep up with the day to day events of life.  I feel
like I've overcome something huge and I'm here for anyone as support.  I
have photos from my last surgery if anyone would like to take a look at
how advance it was for me.

Feel free to contact me with any

Thank you,
Christy Lemaster
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I just wanted to say i am glad i found this forum. i know it sounds bad, but been in the military it is really hard to be able to say you are in pain. you want to be "hard, motivated and good leader" i come to work everyday and put a smile on my face and pretend not to be in pain, and most of the time i have to go to the bathroom and cry!! then i go home and just shower and get in my bed and just wake up the next day and start again. i was in horrible pain for a long while and waited for ever to tell my medical dept (and that was only when i spend a whole night throwing up in the bathroom and with a pain so horrible i didn't know what it was) that resulted in me having to get emergency surgery and losing my left ovary! ever since then i have been depressed and seem to cry for no reason. the pain is unbearable and i don't know what to do. i am afraid i might not be able to have children and i am also scared that i might be put out of the military because of this. i kept on gaining weight on the pill (a big no no specially in the military). i thought i was going crazy and making a big deal of something that should have gone away after surgery, but it is good to know that other people understand what i am going thru! i recommend that everyone gets checks out if they feel they might have endo and not wait until it is too late.
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