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Enlarged Uterus with pain

Urine Culture came back >10,000 but <100,000 col/ml, Mixed Gram-positive flora, Multiple organism types I have had three Urine Culture with the same results, never has this ever happened to me before, Ultra Sound show an enlarged Uterus with two Uterine Fibroids that are stable and an Ovarian Cyst that is starting to shrink.  GYN stated he did not believe it was the fibroids but can't give me straight answers.  Has anyone had this same situation and can they give me some in sight.
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Well an enlarged uterus is caused by multiple things and one of them can be fibroids.  The two stable fibroids could be responsible for the pain/enlarged uterus.  ?  They aren't going to treat you for fibroids?  https://www.webmd.com/women/guide/enlarged-uterus-causes-treatments#1
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