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Excess sweating

I'm a 29 year old female with a low immune system. I tend to get sick easily and stay sick for a long time. I was a premi at 3 months early and 2 pounds 13 oz. I've had a host of things wrong an in the last year I've had resp infections, sinus infections, parvo virus, ear infections, pleurisy, bronchitis, c-diff, mrsa, gastroenteritis, etc. I really haven't been well since last September. I tend to get well for a week or so then get sick again with something else. My job doesn't help. I work registration at an ER.

Currently I have been having excess sweating for around 3 months now, and it started after I had mrsa/abscess. It started with night sweats while I was sick. I have had night sweats almost every night since. But I also seem to be heat intolerant. I wake up in the morning and I'm drenched just from walking from one room to the other, and it's full body, head to toe sweating. I can't go shopping without breaking into a full body sweat as well. Even at work where I mainly sit in one spot for 12 hours I sweat. It runs down my face. I can't wear makeup any more. It runs down my back, etc. It's embarrassing and gross.

I had hyperhidrosis of the hands from around age 4 til 20, but had ETS-C surgery 9 years ago and my t4 clamped. Even my hands are sweating now.

I've been looking up a lot of things online about excess sweating causes and it seems thyroid issues could be it. I go to the doctor Monday and am hoping she will run test this time (I went a month ago and she didn't do anything)...

I also seem to be tired all the time, and run out of energy quickly and when mowing my yard(which is small) I get way over heated, look like I jumped in the pool, my face is red and I feel like I may vomit.

But I also have notice my urine smells a bit like oranges, and I haven't had orange juice. I also read that is a possible sign of type 2 diabeties. Around 5 years ago I was tested as borderline hypoglycemic.

I have gained quit a bit of weight in the last 2 years. I've gone from around 130 to 165, and I understand weight gain can cause diabeties.

I have also been having bad eye strain, and blood shot lines in my eyes from the white to the pupil. I bruise easily as well.

I am on: buspar, atenolol, lutera, lexocetirizine, sumatriptan, dicylomine, naprosen, and wellbutrin.

Anyone else have these symptoms? Suggestions? Help?
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