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Excessively long and heavy period

I am 46, never had children, extrememly healthy, always regular periods. Diagnosed with fibroids 6 years ago, and they seem to have remained same size. NO meds at all in 3 years, Last 2 years periods inconsistent, went 6 months without then heavy and monthly for 6 months. Stopped in Jan. for 3 months started in April. This one is currently on the 13th day, very heavy and I am getting concerned. Had minor hot flashes last year, when I started having these, treated with primrose oil suppliments and they went away. Weight gain over two years of 20 lbs, exercise, diet and habits all same. Exercise minimum 4 x's week. Had preganancy 2 years ago was unexpected and "tubular", this I am sure brought on all changes. My question is how long do I go on before seeing doctor, is this just a mid-age problem or related to fibroids which according to GYN they had actually seemed to shrink between visits. I am against any medical procedure unless absolutly necessary, if this continues and is a "fibroid" related issue, are there any alternative therapies that will shrink these etc., Thanks
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Since you know you have fibriod tumors you NEED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR GYN.This is a life threatening situation,my moma had fibriod tumors,she all most bleed to death.She had two bags of blood.She was younger than you.She had a hysterectomy.It saved her life.Please pick up your phone now and call to make an appointment.GOOD LUCK.
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