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Extremely concerned.. 4 1/2 months post partum.. Peritoneal infection

Looking to see if anyone else has had this diagnosis or can help point me in the right direction..
I've been struggling with horrible symptoms since the birth of my daughter via c section April 27
My symptoms include.. Bleeding vaginally after intercourse, or any physical activity
severe constipation, abdomen is distended and extremely tender and painful... Feels like it is bruised
I'm extremely fatigued.. Painful intercourse, also have very bad pains on my right side below my rib age.. I have recently become nauseous and no matter what I take or do cannot seem to pass a BM appropriately. I just feel sick! I have recently had all of my labs done, and have a high white blood cell count.. Everything else was normal.. Besides extremely high cholesterol (my GP thinks it is from my birth control pill)
I healed up nicely and quickly from my c section
I was cleared at my 4 week check up and made sure I followed docs orders!
Well I had to go back two months later for my yearly pap and told my obgyn of my above symptoms
During my exam he told me that my abdomen was abdmotmally tender, and that I had an inflammed cervix..
He said to come back in a month if my symptoms persisted.. They have and they are so much worse!!! Ten fold!
I had to visit the ER for the constipation, magnesium cit rate didn't do the trick!
Anyways... I follow up yet again with my obgyn yesterday with my laundry list and he seems extremely alarmed.. Orders an ultrasound.. He claims I have fluid built up over/surrounding my abdomen and pelvis.. Cervix is still inflammed and he claims I have a golf ball sized "blood clot" in my uterus.. That the blood clot is the reason I am still bleeding.. And pained.. He says that he believes that my peritoneum is infected from my previous c section (4 1/2) months ago... UM?! Also.. That I will pass the clot myself with the help of my week long cocktail of antibiotics
I see him again this tuesday and also made an appointment with another obgyn Monday for second opinion..
I'm so bloated I look 5 months pregnant.. I feel so sick...
Has anyone experienced this before??
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