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Female skin problems

Hello- hoping for some help or suggestions. About 2 months ago I had itching in the vaginal area. Due for my annual, I got an appointment quickly but everything checked out ok, no infection. After my exam that day, my vaginal skin got worse with burning & bleeding. I called the online doc who suggested warm bath & to call back if not better. Still feeling irritation I went back to the gynecologist. She gave me clobetasol cream.In a few days I felt worse. Now in ny inner thigh, pantyline, I have burning stinging pain & feel tiny pimple like bumps. The odd thing is the skin doesn’t look all that bad (no real redness etc). I’m frustrated & not even sure where to turn. I might try my dermatologist next the problem is getting seen quickly... i’m Using Vaseline to prevent further irritation, fragrance free everything, loose clothes, going commando it’s so frustrating! Any ideas?
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You said you saw your ob/gyn and "everything checked out ok, no infection." If your regular doc has checked you for all the things he or she can think of, including scabies and fungus and STDs, it's definitely time to see the dermatologist. I hope you've made it in to see the derm since you wrote this.
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