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Ferning throughout pregnancy

Hello Everyone,
I have a question about using saliva microscopes. I am currently 7.5 weeks pregnant. After we conceived, I continued to use the microscope daily and noticed a continued ferning pattern. I was ferning throughout weeks 4 and 5 of my pregnancy
and suddenly in week 6 I stopped ferning. I am wondering if anyone, who had a healthy baby, continued to test throughout their pregnancy? If so, did the ferning patterns come and go or just disappear altogether? I have read that estrogen and progesterone are elevated throughout one's pregnancy. The lack of ferning has me a little nervous that something isn't right with my pregnancy. Please let me know if this has happened to you. Thank you everyone!
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When I was originally looking into the microscope, I read about a few women who continued to test, and they said the same thing as you, that they continued to fern.  

While I did not use one to test my ovulation, I got one when Eckerd Drugs was transistioning to CVS for only $2.  I really couldn't pass that up.  I tried it when I got it -- I was already pregnant, but considering the difficulty we had, I figured I would go ahead and get one.  When I tried it, I was ferning, and I beleive I was a couple of months along.

Good luck to you.  Try to to worry -- I know it is hard, but try.

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Thanks Amanda for your input. I will try not to worry. I am a believer of "what's meant to be, will be". I'm anxiously awaiting my first US appointment (in 2 weeks)....I will know more then. I'm guessing that estrogen and progesterone levels aren't always the same throughout the day and I may have just not done the test properly on some days or perhaps wasn't having a "surge" of hormones at the times I was testing....who knows. Thanks for your support. :-)
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Okay, I did a little more research on this matter.  I did not have a chance to yesterday.

From all that I have read, ferning or lack of ferning while pregnant is not indicative of any problem.  Some women fern, some don't.  Some women fern in the beginning and then it begins to fade, and some women fern off an on while pregnant due to the varying levels of estrogen in thier body.  

It is kind of like morning sickness or other pregnancy signs -- it does not really mean anything.  The only level that realy is indicative of pregnancy is HCG in your blood or urine.  

Maybe that eases your mind a bit.

I am sure the US will make you feel a lot better.

Have a great weekend!


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Thank you so much for going out of your way to do all that research! You have put my mind at ease and I REALLY appreciate your kindness. :-) You've been so helpful and encouraging!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.
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You are very welcome.  I am always glad to be of assistance.

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