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Fibroid removal during Menopause (other than hysterectomy)

Has anyone experienced fibroid removal in their late 50's or 60's during menopause?  UFE was done 20+ years ago but a few small ones couldn't be reached and now during sex sometimes they hurt. Using HRT and monitoring them with no change in size but gyno did suggest a hysterectomy to get rid of the cramps that occur every now-and-then and the sometimes intercourse pain.  Research told me that would be worse so I said no thank you.  Now I'm wondering if another procedure would help, and if anyone has had it performed in their later years (doctors/insurance co's don't usually present as an option, unfortunately).
Thank you.
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I have not but my good friend did. She's in her early 50's and going through menopause.  She was desperate.  She was uncomfortable and had cramps she couldn't tolerate.  
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