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Fingered.... help!!!

My bf and i have gone out for 8 months, and he said he wants to go all the way but i don't know if i'm ready for that. One night though when it was just me and him hanging out he began to kiss me ,but then he started to move his hand down towards my area, i was like "okay not sure whats happening". I didnt say anything because i didn't want him to get mad. He fingered me and that happened 3 weeks ago... i dont know if i am pregnant or not, my last period ended on October 18, 2011.
Is it most likely or less likely i am????

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Dear, stop worrying. You CAN NOT get pregnant from getting fingered. You can stop worrying about pregnancy right NOW. To get pregnant, your boyfriend's sperm has to get to you vagina, which I doubt happened to you. ;)
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I completely agree with ShaniaWolf, no pregnancy worry here just by fingering.  I also wanted to add, that if you are not ready, please do not be pressured into doing anything you are not ready to do.  This is a big step and you want to make sure you are ready and have protection.  If he loves you and respects you, then he will wait and not get mad if you object to any sexual activities that you do not want to participate in.  Good luck to you :)
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Nop, u cant stay pregnant ...dont worry, if its going to calm you down do a test, its really easy to do it, and it will give you mind of peace :))) HOPE U FEEL BETTER
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