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First Prenatal Check-Up

So I had my first prenatal appt today with the new doc and i have to say... I LOVE this guy and his staff!! No real exam, just Q&A, medical hx, went and did my labs and he scheduled my first u/s for 2 weeks from today. I am so excited!! I am happy to have a doc that does first trimester u/s, he has the machine in his office, which is so convenient and he apparently likes to use it.

He adjusted my EDD to October 28th and his personal guess is a baby girl, 7 lbs, 11 ounces born on my due date. I thought it was funny he even threw it out there, boy wouldn't it be great if he was right ; )

The staff was great, they seemed to have a great relationship with all the patients, immediately seemed to warm to me and vice versa. I am looking forward to the prenatal care this time around. My only gripe is that I didn't find this guy sooner!!

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Andi, That's awesome that you found a good doctor.  I have my first prenatal visit on March 29th.  I should be between 9 and 10 weeks by that point.  I get to meet with a midwife and the doctor and the doctor does an ultra-sound.  I can't wait.  (The midwife works with the doctor I guess- I  really don't know much about how that works).

Good luck to you.  Funny about how your doctor guessed the sex and weight- that would be cool if he was right... guess you just have to wait and see at this point. :)  Let us know how your ultra sound goes.

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Thanks! He seems like a great guy and his staff is awesome. Good luck with your appt, too! I am unale to use a midwife due to being high risk, but my understanding is that you can get all of your care through the midwife, she then reports it to the supervising doc.

It would be nice to have a girl, I already have two rambunctious boys, it would be nice to vary things a little bit : )

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A girl would  give you a much needed break I am sure.  I had two girls 3.5 years apart and then a boy 2.5 years after my middle child.  WHOA!! I was not ready for the boy-my first child was wild but NOTHING like my son. He will be three and is non stop all the time.  I am glad you had a good visit.  Not to step on anyone's toes but I read in a post from you a little while back< something to the effect that you actually were not really TTC.  I have friends that put so much stress into TTC, that it seems like the fun is taken out of it and it is more like work.  My one friend stopped trying and was PG within two months.  Anyway congratulations!!!
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i didnt know you were pregnant, your due around the same time i am. i am due on nov 5. thats really cool. i have my first app next week. they have already dont two hcg on me. one was 110 and the other 48 hrs later was 287. so why does your doc think your having a girl?
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We weren't "officially' TTC. We were going to take a 2 cycle break (March and April, resume in May) from it to avoid another holiday baby, it just isn't fair to them. My oldest is in early December and he gets shafted when it comes to the party and all. Our original plan was to get pg in Feb to have an october baby, which is exactly what happened. Once we "stopped" TTC it happened. In my heart, I knew it would, but by taking the pressure off dh, it allowed things to happen naturally without all the stress involved.

I am happy to say all three were planned and very much wanted ; )

I hear you on the boy thing, my oldest is 4 (Jonathan), my youngest (Tristan) will be 2 in May, they are almost exactly 2.5 years apart. This one will be 1 month shy of being 2.5 years younger than Tristan. It is amazing how in the end, despite all my losses, my children were born the distance apart exactly how I wanted it to be. Now if we could just get a girl this time ; )

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I had two m/c between the girls.  I had this big idea that 18 months apart would be great. Someone else thought differently.  Mine are 8, 5, and almost 3.  It really is a good age difference-I would not want any older between the girls if I had to choose. The younger two get along great but he beats her up because she will not defend herself.  My oldest showed him a long time ago that he can not be the bully that he thinks he is.
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