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First ever period *I think*

I got my first period today. Maybe. The thing is it looked like period but it smelled like nothing. Nothing at all! I am a little worried. Since I need to grow more and I feel like crying right now this cannot be happening. I am 14 years old. Oh god how do I tell my mom? Heeelllppp. I am really tense. My sister is 5'4 I think, and I'm about 5'2. Will I be as tall as her?
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Hey there,

Getting your first period is scary as hell and painful (we've all been there). It shouldn't actually smell but if it was a lot of blood you should ask your mum to buy you some pads each month and how to use them now. You'll get used to the cramps so maybe take a couple paracetamol to help ease the pain.

You should start charting your cycles too so you can predict when to expect your next period to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

They usually last about a week but if it's your first one your next few rounds could be anywhere between 3-8 days until your body gets used to it.

You could be as tall or even taller than your sister — it depends on your genes, but at this rate since you're going through puberty there's good chance you'll beat her in height!
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Hello and welcome.  Well, a couple of things.  First, as a mom myself, I'm sure this will not be a big deal to your mom.  Your a girl . . .   she's expecting you to get a period some day and honestly, 14 is not early for this but a bit later than what is average.  Periods don't often smell.  And you will still grow for a bit.  The best predictor of your height is that of your parents.  They average their heights and you can usually grow two inches more or less than that number.  But that is just a guess as anything can happen.  Also, they've been tracking your growth since you were tiny and you'd know if you were small for your age based on a percentile they put you in.  Your period coming at this time is different than if you got it at 10 as some girls do.  You are older than I was when I started my period and I'm almost 5 foot 5.

So, try not to worry and do talk to your mom.  EVERY girl goes through this and your mom knows you will too and will want to help you.  good luck
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