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First period after polyp removal and dnc.

First some background info. Last July I started bleeding and it never really stopped. It didn't concern me because it was just spotting for a few months sometimes with a week or more in between and I had been under a LOT of stress and that causes me to have extra periods. In October the bleeding became excessive so I went to Dr was put on provera and had a ultrasound that showed polyps. Got into gyno and had polyps removed and dnc done on Jan 20.  On my follow up I asked to be put on bc to help regulate and prevent future problems. I had tried it in the past but I always had my period when I should not of ie in the middle of the pack etc so I gave up. I found out later I have Hashimoto's disease.

Now I am a few days away from when I am supposed to start my period and I am spotting pretty good. It is all brown like old blood. I have never had a dnc done so do not know what to expect for this period. Should it be normal, light, heavy etc? I have decided to skip the last two pills in my pack so that my period may start. I have had very bad cramping this week and my ovaries are hurting which is easing up with the spotting so it is my hope that if I actually start it will stop or at least ease. I also have pcos. I am waiting to hear back from my gyno but do not hold out hope that I will be contacted before Monday so any advice will be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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Hi there.  Well, you've certainly been through the ringer!  I'm sure it has all been stressful to deal with as well.  When you ask what is 'normal', I think there is no 'normal'.  Every woman is going to react differently.  But the spotting you describe would be normal in my opinion.  I'm not sure what this first period will be like but remember, as our bodies get back to normal and adjust to change, our periods are often 'odd'.  Wishing you the best.  
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The ringer sums it up nicely lol. I guess I am just being a worry wort because the cramping is like it was before when I had the heavy bleeding. I have been luck most of my life with very light periods but over the last few months it was horrible. Now i'm gun shy! Thank you for calming my reservations :)
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