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First time Belly Button Piercing

This is my first belly button piercing and I am a little concern. I do not know if it is effective. I had it done about two months ago, i am having a slimy drainage and crust around the ball on the loop of the ring. It dose not bother me i.e. itch or irritates unless its close to the time for me to clean it. I clean it twice a day with dove soap and use AD ointment afterwords. I am a little concern because its almost like puss but its not green, i have no fever, its a clear color (white) liquid coming from my belly button piercing and its always coming from the bottom. The last couple of days I have been having pain at the bottom of the piercing, buts its only when i push my belly button in. Am I effected?
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For one, don't push on it, that's probably what is making it hurt. I had my belly button pierced and it takes a long time to heal, what you're experiencing sounds normal to me. Try going to the store and getting sea salt (put it in water), or going to another piercing store and seeing if they have the sea salt spray. It cleans it and you don't have to put anything else on it. By the way, there is a possibility that the AD ointment is getting into the whole and that is what you see coming out.
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The piercing is supposed to give off a little discharge and and it will crust onto the ball. You should be moving it around when you clean it to make sure that you are cleaning the inside as well. Definitely do the sea salt thing, soak it for 15 minutes 2  times a day. If the fluid that is coming out turns a funny color or you start to get an abscess you should see your dr. Just make sure you are following the instructions that the piercing shop gave you and you should be fine.
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