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Food cravings

Hi all,
I'm in my 6 weeks of pregnancy. I am having these strange food cravings. Want to have spicy food all the time and whenever i think of sweets making me puke. There is also a kind of uneasyness in the stomach. My ultrasound is next week. Just wondering are these feelings normal. Please let me know what kind of care i should take during pregnancy.
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it's pretty normal to have food cravings.  my mother craved watermelon; my best friend craved cheerios; unfortunately I craved cake frosting.  the only food that really made me naseous was broccoli.

just try to eat as healthily as you can manage.  try to limit the spicy food, tho - at some point you will probably regret it.  good luck :)
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I read somewhere that your body craves what it needs when you are pregnant.  I don't know how true that is though, especially since I ate the h*** out of nacho cheese doritos while pregnant.  My body definitely didn't need those!
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I crave food in general. Anytime I am not eating my mind wonders off and thinks about food, even when I am doing stuff.

Trying to substitute it all with good food, thoguh it is not the same.

Also spicy food is something I have often. Avoid the fatty ones though, I tend to make a mixture of vegetables (mushrooms, onion and peas) mix then with a can of tomatoes and add 3-4 spicy dry chillies and osme curry powder with some plain boiled rice. I can just about eat it because it is so spicy, but it is lovely.
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I am 33 weeks pregnant and have craved a wide variety of things. Like, tomatoes, strawberries, pickles, beets, soup, chocolate milk, grapes, banana splits, canned vegetables, and lately I have been craving sweet & sour meatballs with rice, mozza bacon cheese burgers with gravy to dip it in, cabbage rolls, diet dr. pepper and diet root beer.

Cravings are very normal during pregnancy and I read that as long as your craving isn't something bad (like dirt or paint chips, etc.) then you should give in and have what you are craving.
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Funny - my friend also craved watermelon the whole time... My coworker is preggers now, and she craves avocado. She eats at least one a day!

I'm not preggo & lately, I have been getting intense cravings, I can't figure it out. I've been desperately craving sushi!! It's so weird, I'll be sitting at my computer working and all I can think about is sushi - what's the deal? I've gotten it 4 times this past week!

I'm sure i'll get sick of it soon enough... thought I would share.  Although sorry to bring up sushi if you like it since you can't eat it now.. you can get a cucumber roll though!

damn, now I'm thinking about it again ....
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How exciting, cravings already!  At that point I only ate things I could and stayed away from most everything.  Eating sweets still makes me want to puke, but I couldn't even look at them with my son till I was 7 months along.  Cravings change so much, no harm in giving in to them sometimes, otherwise you will just go crazy thinking about it.  Enjoy!!!
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Thanks all you ladies, sometimes i don't feel like eating anything and then i crave for something else. I didn't reveal the news that i'm pregnant to anybody. When do you think is the best time to announce.

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hey -- don't "they" always say to wait until you begin your 2nd trimester? So maybe in about 6 more weeks???
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It's hard, you should tell them when you are comfortable.  With my first baby I told a few close friends, but people figured it out early at work because my morning sickness was so bad, after about a week they began to realize I didn't have the flu.  I waited till I saw the first u/s though, just to make sure, but I had a blighted ovum at 11 weeks this past June and had told a few people before it was discovered.  It was hard to explain the situation to them.  I would tell the people close to you sooner, those that you would probably share it with either way.  I waited till that second trimester to really confirm or talk it mine though.  Good luck whenver you decide, it's so exciting!
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Hey, I am eight weeks pregnant and I can barely eat anything!
But I do crave foods, all i can think of is spicy burritos,spicy noodles,mcdonalds fries and chicken burgers, and jalapeno and chedder doritos most of the day...the thought of anything other than these listed foods, are out of the question..i will starve,but its so unreal that I crave those foods yet can only eat a small portion,its like I want it but cant stomache it...its weird. I also cannot stand the thought of anything sweet, and if i smell anything sweet i gag. lol
But I am hoping that I can soon start to eat good healthy foods again, so yeah I guess everyones differant with their pregnancies but its definatly good to hear it re-assured that its totally normal to be craving! And you and i have some things in common!
Good luck with your pregnancy and wish me luck with mine...yikes! so excited!
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I've been craving spicy foods constantly for the past 2 1/2 weeks. I just can't get enough of it, really!!! One day after eating dinner I ate 3 normal size bowls of pepperochini things(not exactly sure what theyre called). I've wanted anything spicy I can get my hands on. I dont remember ever loving or craving spicy foods so much. Also, I used to love candy, but now I can't stand it. If its fruity I can handle it, but chocolate! I just can't even smell it. I'm getting worried. I've skipped 2 periods, but have taken around 4 or 5 pregnancy tests that were all negative. I'm really confused and would love some reassurance as to what's going on. And its abnormal for me to be late with my period, especially skip it! Twice! over 75 days now... no period! HELP!
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