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Forgot Tampon

I have just discovered that I forgot to take out a tampon but have had my period this whole week so have been using a tampon on top of the old one. I had noticed a very bad odour and when I took the left one out its was horrific!! This morning I woke up feeling like im getting flu and im worried its TSS. If anyone has done something as silly as this before and has advice please let me know. Im reading all sorts of things about it being life-threatening etc. I would appreciate any advice.
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hi. i have done this before only not as long. i didnt have any odor or anything but the tampon was far in and the string was not visable so i forgot it was there. i had to reach far in. i called the phone # on the box/brochure of the tampons and asked someone about it cuz i was scared. if i remember correctly, they are nurses but you should DEFINITLY call and not let this go. or call your gynocologist so they can see you. will you post back and let us know??
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Thanks for your reply....and advice....
The thing is that I got my period on Saterday so between then and now ive left it in and it was lodged so far back because I was then using fresh tampons...(rather blonde)!!! The odour is from having my period and the tampon just collecting most of it.......sounds so awful.....ive just consulted the best doctor I know...my MUM and she seems to think it should be fine and has suggested some sort off anti bacterial wash pescribed to woman for Vaginal Infections..she is going to email me the name of it. Have you ever heard of anything like this? How long did you leave the tampon inside ? I don't understand how I forgot about it, its something you would think you would never forget about.....I will let you know the outcome....thank-you again.
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yes, i did the same thing..put a new tampon in w. the old one in there pushing it further in. you are not the only one to do this so stop calling yourself "blonde" ok?? it happens to the best of us. your mom is a dr? i still think you should call the 1-800 # on the box just for "ha ha's" and see what the reccommend. i do not know of the cream your mom was referring to. what type of dr. is she? also, i dont think you mentioned this..did you get the old one out? i just dont like how you said you have an odor and flu-like. that concerns me.
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I think TSS is pretty seriousl business.  If you read the pamphlet that comes in the tampon box they are very emphatic about going to see a doctor if you develop symptoms.  

At the very least please call your doc's office and ask to speak with a nurse.  Ask the nurse what she recommends.  I personally think you should be examined, but maybe I'm overreacting.
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TSS is very rare, remember that.  Most health care practitioners have never in their professional lives seen a case.
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My husband had a girlfriend in high school and her mother got TSS from an ectopic pregnancy that burst.  She almost died and is now in a wheel chair the rest of her life becuase of brain damage.  Go to a doctor immediately!
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