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Foul, strong vaginal smell while NOT on period, no bacteria/STDs.

My girlfriend, 25 years old has a very strong vaginal odor, she has gotten tested for STDS and infections and everything came out negative. She does have an IUD and has had it for 3 years. The odor is strongest while intercourse. She does not itch or burn. There are no other side effects associated with the smell. The smell is not fishy necessarily but not "normal" by all means, has a bit of an iron/metal smell to it, like blood, she however has poor iron levels and has been diagnosed with Lupus. The smell goes away completely right before her period and throughout. Abstinence does not correct the smell issue either. The smell is too strong to ignore. Here are some facts:

Female, 25, no STDS, no douching, takes pro-biotics and eats the special good bacteria yogurt. Smokes cigarettes, doesn't drink alcohol, IUD for 3 years, she has been diagnosed with Lupus, has taken antibiotics to treat the smell even though her doctor did not find any signs of chemical imbalance or infection.
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well if she has been checked out for everything, then maybe its just her. there is no "normal" smell. We are all different.
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Also, if her IUD has copper in it, you might be smelling the copper.  My old IUD did, and I could always smell a coppery tint to my vaginal secretions.  Has the ob-gyn confirmed that the smell is actually unusual, or is it just unusual to you two?
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The smell is definetly not normal and while I strongly I believe everyone is different and of course has a different smell, this one is too strong and it just doesn't smell natural, it does have a faint hint of that oh-so-common fishy smell, but it's not the same as I know how that one goes with bv. She doesn't have an OBGYN, she goes to a midwife, but I want her to go to another doctor, her midwife did notice the smell and she was the one who prescribed this 2-dosage antibiotic even though she did not find anything in the lab tests. After taking the antibiotic, a couple of days later I did not notice any smell but it came back a couple of days after. However she can't just take antibiotics all the time because of her Lupus.
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I think its possible that she has bacterial vaginosis.  The treatment for bacterial vaginosis (which is hard to treat and many times reoccurs) is either flagyl 2x daily for one week.  Or metrogel inserted vaginally for 5 days.  Maybe take her to the health department or a planned parenthood.  While BV isn't sexually transmitted if left untreated it could cause pelvic inflammatory disease which could lead to infertilty.  She needs to see a doctor and be tested for this.  They take a sample and look at it under the microscope.
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I have Lupus and got my biggest flare up ever this past summer.I always smelled great and taste very good also.
Since this summer i have a salty taste in my mouth and a strong fishy smell in my vagina.No burning,no discharge.But an awfull strong fishy smell when i have sex with my boyfriend.It comes and go.
I was really wondering what it was but i am almost certain it is Lupus related.
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Hi i (22 yr old female, have had my mirena iud removed to try fix the smell). I have had regular monthly smears to try and work out if its an infection (bacterial vaginonis which is basically a smear but it tests for the bv instead of cancer cells) or anything majorly abnormal and so far no luck, doctors, family planning people and alternative health professionals have all given me the once over to basically say i seem perfectly healthy. My current gp has said that it could be abnormal flora (stuff that grows to keep the bacteria fed. so to speak) growth and that the ph level is not quite right from the copper and should normalize over time.
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