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Foul smell

For some days now I discharge . It's not so much but it's a bother because it's slimy like "***" and sometimes it's not . I sometimes feel it dripping when am standing, it has a smell which is not so strong but smells like a combination of urine and after sex smell and sometimes it smells as if I haven't washed down there in days !! All my outfits I wear now reeks of smell. There is no colour sometimes but other times it's brownish even cheesy . Please what could this be ?? I had an abortion about a month ago does it count ?? Please help
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Hi there.  gosh, sorry you are having this.  Did you do your post check up after the abortion?  That is usually around 6 weeks so maybe you haven't been yet.  But I would consider maybe moving the appointment up to be checked.  It could be related.  I would tell you otherwise to use a small amount of antibacterial soap to wash the area but if it is related to the abortion, would rather a doctor give you the directions to follow.  Can you make an appointment to be seen?
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An infection like this after a procedure is an urgent matter - urgent enough to call the surgeon who performed it to ask if you need to be seen.  If your surgeon is not on call, someone will be covering for them and they will want to check you and start you on an antibiotic if it is a bacterial infection.  Make the call as it could get serious if you don't get treatment.  
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And if you don't know how to contact the physician who performed your procedure if it was done in a clinic -- you can A. call the clinic for info (they may just say go to the ER) OR B. call your ob/gyn or primary care doctor.  They will also help you and can treat an infection.  

If you run a fever, then it becomes more of an emergency.  For sure.  

good luck hon
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