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Foul smelling tan/pink/brown vaginal discharge?

I have had foul-smelling vaginal discharge for several months. Sometimes it is brownish in color, sometimes light pink, sometimes light yellow, sometimes tan (reminds me of tea). I start off the day fine and by 5pm my underwear are absolutely soaked with it. I try to change liners when I can, but it's often not enough to keep up. At times, it runs and runs. I have never been sexually active, and it's not bacterial vaginosis (pH still normal). Also no burning/itching like with some infections. Any ideas as to what might be causing this? Doctor is not interested in helping find the underlying issue.
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Don't they swab you for BV specifically, not just do a pH test?  The doctor ran tests for BV?

Have you had a lost-tampon check by the doctor?
Here is from another website --

Tests for bacterial vaginosis include:

    Wet mount. A sample of vaginal discharge is checked for bacteria, white blood cells, and unusual cells called clue cells. If clue cells are present, it means you may have bacterial vaginosis.
    Whiff test. A sample of discharge is checked to see if a strong fishy odor is created when a special solution is added.

In short, I would not go with just a pH test and write off BV.
I absolutely agree with Annie you need to get a 2nd opinion if the Dr you've been to is not willing to treat you but something is def off and it needs to be treated ASAP!!!! te fact that this has been going on for months I don't see how you have not looked for help elswhere
Update: I still have the same symptoms years later. I've been tested for BV & yeast infection (swab test) which both came back negative. I was prescribed Metrogel for BV anyway to see if symptoms improved and they did not change (odor improved slightly while on it, but returned as soon as treatment was done).

Another provider said my symptoms are completely normal as hormones change over time and that many women ask about the odor, but it is just the composition of bacteria naturally in the vagina.

I've heard that some people experienced improvement with dietary changes, specifically eliminating dairy. I'm giving that a try now because I know my body at one point had less discharge that didn't smell and was white/clear...so there has to be a way to get back to there, right? :)
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Thanks for coming back palmlily!  I have read the exact same thing. As women get older, this odor can develop.  There was a lady I conversed with who talked about smelling like garbage when she hit menopause years.  Ugh.  (I mean really, isn't that insult to injury).  The body changes, hormones change, our smell changes as time goes on.  You ruled out infection and yeast.  I agree that I too have red about diet changes.  Also, try taking a daily probiotic in either the small prepared smoothie drinks (like activia in the dairy aisle) or supplement.  This helps keep a good balance of bacteria (the kind you want).  What about taking a small dab of antibacterial liquid soap and cleaning all the folds and in between the vagina and anus?  Outside, of course.  This can help a little.  Get your thyroid checked if you haven't.  Here's an article https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317560.php

Being a woman is really REALLY hard work.
Thanks for the reply & article! I'm only in my early twenties but am suspecting this may be a symptom of an overall imbalance. I'm a few weeks into changing my diet and while the weird colors are still there (maybe the more alarming part), I would say the odor is improving. I might try probiotics as well. A thyroid check is a good idea.  Unfortunately it often feels like pulling teeth at the doctor's to get information, testing, etc. to get to a root cause!
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