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Friend Having Period Problems

I'm asking this for a friend. She's 15, and is having problems with her period. 2 years ago she met a guy and they started having sex almost weekly for 1-2 years, not using any kind of birth control, and not pulling out during ejaculation. She hasn't had any signs of pregnancy since that point. Since January of last month, her periods have stopped, until today. She is going to the hospital for blood tests soon, but, they don't even know that she's had sex like that before. They have no knowledge of this, I told her that she absolutely needs to tell them that information. Her period started up about 5 minutes ago, I can tell she doesn't like talking about this, but I managed to hopefully get enough info to help her out. Any responses are appreciated.
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Ugh, 13 and having sex.  That's hard and unwise.  Hormones during the teen years are funky and lots of girls are irregular.  Pulling out does NOT prevent pregnancy as the penis lets out small amounts of semen before ejaculation during sex.  That's enough to get a girl pregnant.  She can take a home pregnancy test bought at any drug store to find out.  Doubt it will be positive.  Having sex means being responsible and mature and talking to a doctor is important so they have all the information.  What happens in a doctor's office is confidential so she can request her mother not go into the office with her.  Not sure how that will fly.  But she needs birth control, std checks and pelvic exams since she's been sexually active for so long.  Planned Parenthood will see underage girls if there is one by you and they do a nice job of helping keep young women safe.  So, look for that if you are in the US.  
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