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General help with an embarrassing subject...

Hi, um...this is really embarrassing for me.
I didn't really know what subject to post this under, so...
Okay, so it seems that my labia minora (I don't even know if that's the right term...I've been googling it...) is swollen at one end (almost lump like) and is a purpley/bruised looking color.
It hasn't just occurred over-night (although, at one point it probably did) it's been like this for a while. Maybe over a year...it doesn't hurt, it's just worrying me. I'd just kind of like to know what it is.
I'm 17 and haven't had any sexual endeavors (I have no idea what I used that word) so, it's most likely not sexually related. If anyone could help, I'd be really grateful - just to ease my mind.
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Hey I've had an exact prob so I went to doc it was a bump and red then purple it turned out it was an ingrown hair that was infected! He told me I could just leave it and it wood go away eventually or try squezing it each nite....... I had this twice and first time I squezed and let me tell ya bad idea hurt forever..... Last one I had I left it and it went away after three weeks. But I suggest u go make sure it's that. Just to b safe! Good luck Hun!!!!
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I was thinking infected hair folicle too, but you said it was the Labia Minora (which you are right about), which is the inner lips, so that ruled that out for me.  Also you've had this for over a year, so if it was an infected folicle, it would definitely have gone away by now.

I would get this checked out very soon because this isn't something to diagnosis on here. At least "sexual endeavors" can be ruled out, lol I like your choice of words btw.
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