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Getting pregnant with with pre-***?

Me and my girlfriend started to have sex but stopped after a couple of seconds with out a condom, because we both didn't want for me to go inside her. what are the chance of her being pregnant?
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Not high; pre-ejaculate in itself doesn't contain sperm. However, if you'd previously ejaculated and hadn't urinated since, there could be some sperm left in the urethra that would get flushed out with the fresh pre-ejaculate. It's a good idea to make sure you always use a condom :-)
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I agree, pretty slim chances.  However, I've always heard that the reason the pull out method is not effective is because there CAN be sperm in pre-***.  Maybe it's just something they tell you when you're younger to keep you from having unprotected sex.  I'd follow this rule: anytime you have intercourse without some form of birth control (pull-out does not count), then the chance of pregnancy is there.  Actually, it's there with BC too, but there's less of a chance.
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So if i ejaculated 2 days before this and urinated many times and didn't really get close to an orgasm while haveing sex what are the chances?
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very slim, the point is to never ever have unprotected sex again.
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from the web:
Pre-*** can contain sperm.  

Precum, also referred to as pre-ejaculate, is a fluid that is discharged from the penis when a man is aroused but before he ejaculates (it coats the urethra and helps sperm to move).  While not likely, precum can contain sperm and a small number of pregnancies due to precum have been reported. Also, if a man has ejaculated recently the chance of precum containing sperm is slightly raised since it is possible for the precum to
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i'm in the same predicimate buddy, we did it for about 8 seconds, nowhere near to an orgasm, the orgasm came about 20 minutes later by way or handjob, but i'm scared shitless shes pregnant

what do you all think are my chances of her being pregnant,

1. penis wouldn't go all the way in
2. nowhere near orgasm
3. didn't bust before
4. about 8 to 10 seconds of thrusting
5. i looked at my penishole before, wiped it off to make sure nothing was on it, and did the same afterwards
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