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Good day. I have been lactating from one side only for more than 2 years already.

Good day. I have been lactating from one side only for more than 2 years already. I had a breast ultrasound about 7 months ago and no irregularities where noticed. I am not pregnant, but this month my cycle is also irregular. I suffer from on and off headaches and my eyes tend to be "stressed" the last couple of days. What could this be?
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Sounds a bit like prolactinoma. Why isn't your doctor taking you more seriously? A breast ultrasound 7 months ago is not a diagnosis.
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Wow, I just googled prolactinoma and that does not sound very good.

Yes, after the ultrasound I was just told that there are no masses in the breast and that it is not breast cancer. Not that I was worried at all about breast cancer.

Another doctor just told me that if the fluid is not a funny color or does not have a funny odor, than everything should be fine and it is just my body lactating from after giving birth. Please note that I gave birth 4 years ago and I stopped lactating and then only the one side started again.

Perhaps I should just go and see Dr number 3. Would you recommend a normal GP?
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I'd talk to an ob/gyn and ask for a referral to a specialist. I don't know what kind, maybe an endocrinologist. It is not usual to begin to (or continue to)  produce breast milk in relation to birth unless the baby is nursing. I don't know why any doctor would shrug it off.
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Thank you so much for your feedback. Although it has made me somewhat nervous, it has motivated me to go see a doctor ASAP.
Well, at least prolactinoma is said to be benign. Given that he knew you were lactating (or I guess to be more accurate, discharging something) from the breast, your doctor should at the very least have checked your prolactin levels. I wouldn't go back to that one.
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I had this myself!  A little disconcerting. Any time you have nipple discharge, get it checked out. They will make sure you aren't pregnant.  I had an MRI at that time of my pituitary gland which can have a very small, harmless cyst that is well known for causing this. I didn't have that. SO, it was blamed on my out of sync hormones.  I was naturally producing too much estrogen.  

By the way, does it come out on it's own or do you normally have to express it?  Weird question but relevant.

Prolactemia and galactorrhea both cause nipple discharge unrelated to breast feeding.  Things like birth control pills, underactive thyroid (hypothyroid---  which I also had at the time I had this) , etc. can be involved.  


Mine righted itself without intervention.  I was having some other issues eventually of very long cycles (periods every 3 to 4 months), etc due to the thyroid and was waiting to see an endocrinologist.  It took so long to get in that by the time my appointment rolled around, things went back to normal and I haven't had a problem since!  

But you should have a bit more information from your doctor to fully  understand what is going on here.  good luck

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Thanks guys.
I went to GP on Friday and he took some bloods for hormone testing. Should have reaults by tomorrow. X
How did that go? Did the results give you (or the doctor) any guidance about what is causing the problem?
Hi AnnieBrooke, Unfortunately or fortunately the blood results came back normal. Only showed a slight infection which can be due to the flu. The Dr just gave me meds to stop the "milk" production so Lets wait and see if it works. So far I still have a discharge.  
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