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Got any cute ideas for telling loved ones you're pregnant?

I'm not pregnant yet (hoping to be), but I'm always thinking about stuff like baby names, and baby room decoration ideas, etc.  My brother and sister-in-law told my parents by taking them out to eat for their anniversary and giving them a "Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa, from new baby!" card which I thought was so cute!  How did everyone tell their loved ones they were pregnant, whether it be your husband or parents or kids, I'd like to know.  Thanks!
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Because my husband's mother lived a few states away from us we had to do it over the phone.  We asked if we could bring someone with us to Thanksgiving (because we were all scheduled to go see her during that holiday).  Unfortunately, b/c we hadn't been married very long she thought we meant we were getting a dog.  But it worked out in the end... bringing the grandbaby with us for Thanksgiving.  She was happy.
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I'm boring I just come out and say it.  I have heard of ppl telling their DH by making dinner with baby carrots, baby corn ect.  and ask if they see a pattern.  I had a cousin who gave her mom the pregnancy test wrapped up in a box for Christmas.   If there are other children involved ppl have put T-shirts saying I'm the Big Brother/Sister on it.  I hope you get your BFP soon.  Good Luck.
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I think of this too.  I think for the parents we are going to buy these picture frames that say "#1 Grandparents" and instead of putting a picture in it, put like a little note or poem with the due date. (That's assuming I ever get a due date- I'm on day 4 of the 2ww.) Anyway, it sounds kind of corny, but it's cute.
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I am TTC also and I had thought that Imight buy a carseat and put it inthe car and when we are at my parents and my husbands' parents that I'd tell them there was something int he car i wanted to show them.  (a new feature or whatever) and the carseat would be in there.  My husband had thought that because we hoped to be prego before Canadian thanksgiving (this weekend) that he'd ask if he could say the blessing for the food and then slip in a "thank you for family and our new baby we are expecting to have" but we aren't pregnant yet.  

My sister for he first one told us after gettinghome form Mexico and had taken a test once she got home.  Her and her husband were giving out our gifts and she gave a package to my parents and in it was the positive pregnancy test! Fro her second, she told us on Christmas Eve and she put her son in a tshirt she made that said "I am going to be a BIG brother in September 2005"  It was very cute!  She didn't take off his sweatshirt until half way through the night so we didnt know right away.

Good luck with it when the time omes!  I am sure you will get a lot of ideas and thanks for posting this b/c i might get an idea or two!

Take care.
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my parents never thought my sister and i would have a child (only dogs) so when i found out i gave them a card (one of those anne geddes)pictures of a baby laying in petals of flowers. i took one of our photos of our dog and cut out the head and taped it on the baby photo. inside i wrote..just wwhen you thought your only grandchildren were going to have 4 legs..surprise!

i will tell you though that the 1st 3 months i was terrified that i may lose the baby somehow.i always worried about that kind of stuff. i knew those months were critical. i personally would not buy anything at all in case something happened. my sister bought me the cutest baby oufit and i was barely a month. i wanted her to wait to give it to me. that was just me though.
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you could put the ultrasound picture in a frame and give it to them as a gift...
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