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Green, smelling discharge but I have no infection, for YEARS?

So I’m now 21. I’ve been under a gynaecologist since I was 16. I experience pain, burning, stinging. I can’t have a sex life either due to the pain.
Concerningly, when you see green discharge, the first thing that comes up online is: ‘abormal’ and ‘infection’.
I’ve had every test done. STD swabs, scans, examinations, discharge tested under microscopes, you name it.
All the tests come back clear and the microscopey revealed that my discharge was healthy?
But how can this be if my discharge is excessive, green with a foul oudor?
I am at a loss.
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Check out this:


If you're sure you don't have an infection of any kind and the doctor has tested you and agrees, you might want to look at your diet and any supplements or vitamins you take.
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Google chronic allergic vaginitis as well. It's notable that the description includes pain and itching but the ob/gyn runs tests and tells the person they don't have any kind of infection.
I’ll check this out, thank you! I’ve been tested for every possible infection. Ultrasound, pelvic examination, swabs of the skin, swabs of the vagina for STI’s, urine sample, discharge examination, bloods, you name it!
However, if it's chronic allergic vaginitis, it isn't an infection. You'd come out clean on the infection tests. That's what made me think of the possibility of either an allergy or a reaction to something that you regularly take (such as a supplement) or are exposed to (which is where allergies come in).
You can get tested for a whole bunch of allergies at once with a single blood draw, and if you haven't consulted with an allergist yet it might be the next step.
HI Jade

Are you taking antibiotics ?   If so were you on them before testing for gonorrhea ?    
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When you go to the doctor for a checkup and he or she does a swab, does the doctor think the odor is foul, excessive and green, or does the doctor say it's normal looking and not unusual in smell?
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They agree that it’s abnormal. But because the discharge examined under the microscope came back fine, that’s all they said. It came back fine so I have nothing to worry but it’s clearly not normal. :(
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