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Growing 5 inches taller?

I am nineteen years old and I'm 5'1" 1/2. I want to be taller, but can I grow any taller at this point? Am I done growing? What do I do? I want to grow at least 4 1/2 to 5 inches taller.
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Hi there.  It is really unlikely you will grow much if at all.  I'm sorry.  Petite is not a bad thing.  Typically people are similar in height to their parents.  Your father and mother's heights are averaged and you are typically going to be within 2 inches up or down from that measurement.  It also depends when you went through puberty. If it was not super late, you've probably had all growth spurts by 19.  If it was late, you may gain a tiny bit.  

But at 19, I think your growing is basically over.  

good luck
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Grow taller.

Not kidding, I'm middle aged but I added an inch this past year (from 6'2" to 6'3") at a time in life where I'd normally be expected to slowly lose height (perhaps 1/4" a year).

I attribute this modest height increase not so much to growth, but to simple stretching routines.  I suspect the most useful stretch I do which resulted in a modest height increase is the one where you stand and reach for the ceiling, then reach backwards a few inches -- repeat several times a day.
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I am supposed to have 5'2 and a half but I'm not growing. I've been the same height for a two years!
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