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Growing Out Hair

Does anyone have any really good remedies or products that will make your hair grow really fast. I'm trying to grow my hair out for my formal in a few months and i want my hair longer for the hairstyle i'm looking at doing. Thanks! :)
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Hair extensions or pieces?  :>))  Eating a healthy diet helps.  Proper nutrition can do wonder for almost anything.  Try to keep it moisturized with a good conditioner, air drying it instead of blow drying, be gentle when combing it.  Some people have tried caster oil. Some have made an egg mask (ask me more about that if you are interested).  try gently massaging your scalp.  Trim the ends.   Beware of all the crazy products on the market that people try to sell.  Really, nothing speeds this up all that much so don't waste your money.
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