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Growths in Vaginal Canal

Found one bee-bee sized hard growth. went to Dr. Was told it was Fibroma but scheduled a biopsy.  Found 2 more this morning that the Dr. didnt look for.  Even the Dr. said these were unusually hard masses.  I've had abnormal pap smears before but am clear of the problem per my last smear. What is the likelyhood that these growths are cancerous?
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My husband and I were messing around inthe bedroom when he came across a lg. 1in. long the topis round and is about 2 cm.and  is 4in. deep and is at 6 o'clock rather then the g-spot at 12 o'clock.I am going to set up a appointment in 2 wks when my insurance kicks in.  I am nervous.
Also the growth doesn't hurt.  Do you have any ideas to what it could be?  VERRY CONSERNED, Jen
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