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Gynecology Question!!

The forum says its not accepting questions but I'm really freaking out I need help.
I had a BAD yeast infection (was tested for BV, candida, and STDs) about a month ago, I took the medicine flucanozole, it went away in a few days for about a week and then the symptoms reappeared. I then took monostat because I didn't have the money for another visit. Big mistake, that made everything worse, I called the doctor who reminded me I had a back up pill and to take that and see how I felt in a few days. So I did that, a few days later symptoms cleared.. For the most part. That was about two weeks ago. Since then, I have been having internal vaginal itching, less around the outside, and thicker, slightly yellow discharge. I went to a different doctor due to scheduling issues, and she tested for all of the same things, after she herself saying something didn't look right during the exam.
All tests came back negative and I was given a steroidal cream to stop itching but thats an external cream and it itches on the INSIDE.
What could it possibly be if all the tests are negative and I wasn't told to come back? I'm miserable!
Also, not sure if related but, this week I developped laryngitis.
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I'm sorry to hear your having trouble & are uncomfortable. If it's not yeast then I wonder if your having an allergic reaction to something. An allergy can develop at anytime. Condoms, soaps, sanitary supplies? I wouldn't hesitate to call your new doctor and explain that the topical steroid cream isn't getting the job done since the irritation is inside. There must be something else you can try that can be inserted vaginally or a pill taken orally to fix the problem.  If you happen to develop a yeast infection, I would see about getting a prescription cream and two diflucan tablets. Some doctors prescribe it this way even though most only prescribe 1 tablet. Ask your doctor about it and for instructions. I wish I knew of some alternative ways (besides medications) to suggest. Maybe try that forum as well and see if you get any suggestions there.
Good luck to you!! I hope you get relief very soon
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