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HAIR CRISIS, I'd love your opinion!!!

Hi! I usually have my armpits waxed which gets rid of the hair for about two weeks and prevents it from getting thicker. The other day I had to go to a party and didn't have time to go to the salon to get waxed so I decided to shave. A week later I was going to a wedding so I went to the salon to get waxed but they told me they couldn't wax my armpits because the hairs were too small. So unfortunately I had to shave my armpits AGAIN. I don't like shaving because apparently it makes the hair grow darker and thicker, which I have noticed from these past two times I shaved. That last time I shaved was around five days ago, but there's a problem. I have a pool party next week and I'm sure that if I go to the salon they'll tell me they can't wax me because my hair is too short. Last time they told me I had two wait at least 15 days after shaving to get waxed. I don't want to shave again because I'm scared my hair is going to get really thick and dark. The same story applies for my leg hair. I have to shave them too and I don't want the hair to get worse. So my question here is, is there a way to make hair thinner? Like reverse what shaving is causing? I'm honestly very self conscious about it and I don't want to live with thick, dark armpit hair. I want you guys to also tell me what you do to keep that hair gone for good. Thanks!
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Shaving doesn't make hair come in thicker and darker.  On some people it can give the illusion of thicker because it is more like a stubble when it begins to grow in.  But look it up, it's a wives' tale.  Your hormones are in charge of how much body hair you grow, not your razor, and when you get older it will thin out naturally.  But in the meantime, use Nair or shave or whatever you like.  Save the money on waxing!  
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Oh my gosh you're right! I looked it up and it's true! Hair doesn't grow thicker or darker after shaving! You have no idea how happy I am right now hahaha. Thank you for you reply, I am no longer worried about having armpits as hairy as my big brothers :)
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