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HELP I think I have a UTI

A few nights ago I drank a little too much—I woke up around 3am with what felt to be a UTI—like I needed to pee constantly and like I still needed to empty my bladder after I already had. I noticed that my urine did have traces of blood and what looked to be tiny blood clots. I have had an annoying pain in my abdomen but also believe im constipated and will be starting my period soon—so not sure if the pain has to do with either of those or the UTI or both. Anyways—is the blood in my urine something to be concerned about—I have minocycline at home for my acne so I started taking those and cranberry chews when I realized it was a UTI. Also, will drinking coffee help with my constipation? I want to try but don’t want to irritate my bladder I have been taking fiber capsules but they don’t seem to help.
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Oh my goodness, so sorry I missed this unanswered question buried in all the others.  I hope you have been to the doctor by now!  Yes, that sounds like a UTI.  And any time you have blood in urine, you should get checked.  Did you go in?  Were you positive for bacteria? Taking antibiotics??  Let us know how you are doing!
I did go in—I tested negative for a UTI. But they gave me antibiotics anyways. I’m now dealing with constipation (haven’t had a real bowl movement since Feb 4ish) I’ve taken a stool softener, fiber pills, changed diet, activia, milk of magnesia and still am unable to go. Not sure if I should go in for this now or wait it out. I believe it’s whats causing my lower back pain that I initially believed was associated with my UTI.
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