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This is really long and I'm sorry, but I'm just scared its something serious

I'm a 14-year-old female, weigh 92 pounds, and have been having pain out of no where, I'm going to go through each day leading up to now and explain how I felt. Bare with me, maybe I'm just being overdramatic but I really am panicking

day 1- The first sign I noticed was a feeling of a hair being stuck on my tonsil, this was late at night so I decided maybe I should just sleep it off.

day 2-  Still felt the feeling of hair in my throat, had a panic attack later that night

day 3- Feeling still there, started to lose my appetite, felt a sharp pain in brea/st area (only in left) see picture, pain happened in pink square: https://postimg.cc/crfX10pd the pain started for a second then went away for a second this happened for a while but then stopped completely, felt the pain again later that night

day 4- hair in tonsil finally went away, just had a slight sore throat. pain in br/east area continued happened thrice in a day, didn't get worse or better. At one point I was just laying down and felt dizzy, felt like I was going to vomit, had shortness of breath, my muscles felt weak overall felt like I was going to pass out, my heart was beating fast but maybe it was just me panicking. I couldn't get any sleep that night, not because of pain, but because of fear of death

day 5- Sore throat was gone! Pain in br/east still continued but now I also felt it in the red square (see the previous picture), Again only in left side, no pain was felt in right br/east. Felt nauseous and my body felt weak and didn't want to move from my bed. my nose felt congested and I had shallow breathing or felt like I was out of breath by doing the simplest things such as walking up the stairs. I had also noticed I started my period, I usually will be aware since I do get bloated before I start my period but this one was early, usually my period starts in the middle of each month but this one started in the beginning of the month with no warning sign, wasnt bloated or anything. Also side note, my period lasts about 8 days

day 6-7: Regular period symptoms, cramps, and all that. Pain in the pink square of br/east went away, now only felt it in red square. Had shallow breathing, Still felt a little dizzy but didnt feel like passing out. my weight dropped down to 82

day 8- day 4 of period, halfway there! the back of my shoulder blade felt sore and hurt whenever I lifted or stretched my arm. Still felt pain in the red square area, still not worse or better. Leg muscles also felt a little sore. That night I had felt as I was drifting to sleep, all the air got knocked out of me in a second. I was still somewhat awake as this happened but was fully awoken by the panic. I didn't get no sleep this night either as fear of death arose

day 9- symptoms the same as day 8, just without the sore muscles and had my apetite back

day 10-11: One day until period ends!! Felt absolutely amazing! Breathing fine, had the best sleep (not being awoken by loss of breath), didnt feel sore or nothing but now there was a new pain, still ONLY in left br/east. Go to picture again, In the purple spot (not the nip/ple, on the right side of it) I had a few sharp pains and noticed a few slightly pink blemishes on that one spot, not sure if that's always been there or not, maybe it's just convenient placement.

day 12: Period ends, Still feel pain in purple spot, still just comes and goes, don't feel sore or nauseous but got the air knocked out of me again as I was about to fall asleep, got some sleep that night but prayed for the best

day 13 (present day): Pain in purple spot still remains, feel fine other than that, let's hope I get some sleep tonight though. On a good note, I rose back up to 91 pounds!

Again, the pain only happened in the left br/east, only rarely in the right

If you have any questions let me know, I'm just too nervous to ask my mom to take me to a doctor. I've had a lot of panic attacks about this as I have never felt this before, I'm scared of death a lot more than I used to be. Please help me out, I do have a small theory it might be PMDD but im not sure. I just pray its not serious. Please, give me advice, or give me ideas on what will make this go away

Also here's some things I have been diagnosed with:
-Panic disorder
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Hi.  It's a lot to unpack being a woman, isn't it?  I feel like we ladies got the unfair load in life with this stuff!

First, I will tell you that I think it sounds somewhat like you are having things that are triggering your anxiety.  Something called health anxiety is a real thing. When something like a throat tickle becomes monumental in the worry part of our brain.  Lots of things can cause something like that from allergies, to being around smoke or a fire pit, to dry air when we turn on the furnace, to a virus of some sort that our body fights off.  

For issues surrounding your period, many girls your age are started on the simple birth control pill and it can solve a lot of problems. Hormones are related to anxiety too so it may even help with that.  That is, of course, a discussion between you and your mom and your doctor.  But an 8 day period is a bit long unless you are including a bit of spotting before and then some spotting after with actual red blood bleeding days to be less than that.  Up to 7 is normal.  However, I do want to note that at 14, having an irregular cycle is going to happen and be completely normal.  You could be late, early, spot, not have a period for a couple of months and all would be the normal fluctuations of hormones for your age.  So, keep that in mind.  

Have you talked to your mom about any of this?
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Yes, it feels unfair :(. but Good news, I have been feeling a lot better lately. Allergies? I don't think I've ever gone to one of those allergy tests where they prick you. Would that be a good thing if I went?

Yes, I include spotting, thank you for your reassurance, you have no idea how much better that makes me feel!

I have tried hinting, ive said "I feel really dizzy", "I feel sick", or "I wake up at night gasping" but she just says I should sleep it off or take Midol pills which never really help. I'm too nervous to tell her about anything mostly because I feel like she wont take me seriously. I'm really just waiting for her to do one of those monthly doctor check-ups, but she hasn't done one in a while
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Hello~I am so sorry that you are going through all this anxiety. It sounds similar to PMDD, which in that case, would be helped by using "Bio-identical" progesterone cream which is very safe and can be purchased at any health food store.

The symptoms could also be due to vitamin deficiencies such as Vitamin "B" and minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium.

The symptoms definitely do point towards a from of anxiety, whether they are hormonal  or another reason would need to be discussed with your GP. You probably should have some blood work done to check for hormone levels, vitamins, and other issues. You are very young, so it is not very likely that it is too serious. Your body is still adjusting to hormones, so, this, too, could be the case. If there is a good naturopath in your area, then seeing him/her would be a very good choice, they will listen to your symptoms and then prescribe the blood tests they feel is needed, they go deeper into the problem rather than just prescribing drugs.

I know you hesitate to tell your mother, but in this case, you really need to, and then discuss whether to see your GP or a naturopath if available in your area.
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