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HELP Period Lasting 4 weeks, now loosing BIG pieces of tissue?

24 yr old female. History of miscarriage & 1 ectopic pregnancy.
I've been bleeding for about 4 weeks now. I was alarmed originally at the blood itself because it was jet black. After doing some research, I just assumed my body was "cleaning itself out" and figured it would go away on it's own. About a week ago, the blood turned bright red - like a normal period, didn't think twice about it.
Last night, I began to have severe cramps. They became so painful it was hard to stand, like my ribs were being tied to my left hip bone. I finally made it to the bathroom & realized I was loosing actual tissue like I've never seen even with my history. Not like bloodclots you get with a miscarriage, but skinlike. About an inch in length, being alarmed I looked closer & could even see tiny vein like lines, & noticed the tissue was almost grey like textured on one side? This happened multiple times throughout the night/this morning. I'm still in pain as I'm typing & worried about going to the hospital due to no insurance but it's getting hard to bare. Can someone PLEASE give me any answers to what may be happening to me?? Help.
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It does sound like a miscarriage. If I were you, unless the bleeding eases, I would get medical help.
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Another possibility is a decidual cast, but the part about how the tissue looked made me think of what they call "products of conception," which is random pieces left behind in the uterus that didn't get shed with a miscarriage. Here is an article on decidual casts, and it also mentions other medical conditions that tissue coming from the uterus could be. https://www.healthline.com/health/womens-health/decidual-cast#diagnosis
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