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HELP!! mother in law from HELL

My mother in law keeps telling me im a bad mum, that my 13 month old son has "discusting behaviour' he dosnt eat right and has no respect for people things.

my son eats with his hands alot but can use a spoon but some times makes a mess like most kids will.
she lets him play with home phones and mobile when she knows his not allowed.

she has abused me, said im bringing him up wrong, routines are for bad mothers, that he will be a feral child because of how he eats and touches everything.

what do i do? im ready to wipe her

she is on 14 tablets for god knows what and drinks alot of wine which i think has alot to do with her mood swings she has hit me before and caused me to have a misscarriage but said it was might falt. she never says she is sorry or that she was in the wrong. i have tried my hardest to be nice and sort things out by having a chat but all i get back is ' your immature talk to me when you grow up'

im stuck i need help, and suggestions im more than happy to hear.

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no offense to you mother in law, but it sounds like she needs to but out of your life and let you raise your child how you want to.. plus your son is only 13 months old. he's supposed to eat with his hands and touch everything that's how kids learn. just let her know that she raised your husband and HE and YOU are raising YOUR son. and as for the hitting you, does your husband know? and if he does why has't he said anything to her? I would tell her if she can't respect you and your life then she has no place in it. sorry it may seem a little harsh, but i dont like the idea of people hurting other people just cause they can. hope this helps!
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FIRST, how dare she raise her hand against you? SECOND, i can't believe you even allow such a person to continue to be apart of your life, especially your child. if she can strike you, what makes you think your child is safe in her care/presence? you CANNOT please this woman, no matter how much you change your habits raising your child. my advice? kick this woman out of your life and your childs' until she can control herself.
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Are you and your husband living with her?  If so, move out.  It's better to share a studio apartment than to live like that.  Is your husband on the same page as you?  Being away from her is better than being near her, even if she is supposedly helping you out.  She's bad news.
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