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HELP?!?! very confused...pregnant?

Hey everyone, i would just like your opinion. I know its a long question but your help would be very much appreciated.
About two months ago, i stopped taking the pill (microgynon 30) about 3 days early than the pack as i had ran out (it was my last pack which i put in my purse incase i stopped at a friends and didnt have my regular pill pack with me, so i had used a few, hence didnt have a full 21 pill pack). Anyway, i came on my period not long after and was on for about 4 days (which is normal). I did have unprotected sex with my partner a couple of times, and within a couple of days i started to have cramps as though i was about to come on but i knew it was way too early (i've never suffered from these cramps before unless i was on my period or just before), i had other symptoms such a urinating more often and feeling nauseous on a night time after getting into bed and started to feel as though i may have been pregnant. I have been trying to work out the dates of my period, so i can work out when i was due on but couldnt get anything. My partner thinks it was around the 11-Oct date but i think it was earlier than this but at the very latest it was this date. Anyway, if it was this date, i should have due on around the 7-Nov (i have an average 28 day cycle), but as i was unsure i calculated from the date i most likely sex act i could have got pregnant from which was the 17-Oct and on pregnancy websites it says to count 19 days after this date, which i am now way past. So anyway, i took a test today, it came out neg but i did urinate on the windown (what can i say, my aim is terrible lol) and the negative symbol appeared very very quickly.
Im just wondering could i still be pregnant, could the urine have invalidated the test (the control line did still appear), when should i test again, and could it be down to coming off the pill although having a normal period already???

thanks for your time :)
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oh and by the way, i did get urine on the stick aswell haha
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I am not sure if you are still taking the pill? If not, you could wait a week and retest. Use the urine from your first pee in the morning.
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No, i stopped taking the pill about two months ago when i ran out of pills before the whole 21-day period (i think i ran out 3-4 pills early) and havent taken it since. I was thinkin of doing taken a test in a weeks time if i still havent come on. thanks :)
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