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I had sex sunday and since then my vagina was itchy and my inner labias swollen. Now the itchiness is gone as well as the swelling but i now have a lot of creamy white discharge. my period ended last week. first i thought yeast infection but I've had one before and it just doesn't feel like that plus the swelling and itchiness went away. the discharge doesn't really have an odor. nothing out of the ordinary to me. the person i was with i know is clean of std's. so opinions please!!!
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One you become sexually active this can probably just be your normal discharge. Same problem with me, I went to the doctor and for tested for everything because I was so tired of having a discharge but all my symptoms were negative and my doctor told me it's normal.
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Thank you. But I have been sexually active for a while. you're right this could be normal and I'm over thinking (which i always do) but today the discharge was a brown color. again no smell or other symptoms of anything. (my periods are usually brown) late bleeding? ovulation bleeding? i took a pregnancy test it came back negative.
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