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HIV, do I have it?

I am terrified that I am infected with HIV.
I have had all long term boyfriends. I get tested ever year for STD's except HIV (b/c I am too scared...) I have been nauseous, ans dizzy for years (even in high school) I have no other symptoms. My bf now got tested before we got together and is clean. I have had unprotected sex, but only with boyfriends which i knew. Never with a drug user, or a man that has been with another man. I saw on TV the statistic that over 39,000 Canadians are infected and don't know it yet. I am just wondering what the odd's are that I could possible have it? I have had 3 long term relationships in 5 years and the only symptoms are worrying, anxiety, nausea, and dizziness.

Please help me!
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Try hopping over to the STD forum and posting there.
Have you browsed through the topics as well, since it seems many people have posted with concerns over HIV?

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The HIV virus is transmitted via. blood, sexual fluids, and breast milk.  Anytime you have unprotected sexual intercourse with another person you are putting yourself at risk for disease transmission unless they have tested negative for the HIV virus.  
There are several misconceptions regarding whom the HIV virus effects, namely gay people or intravenous drug users. Bare in mind that there are several ways, in addition to sharing needles, that a person can come into contact with contaminated blood, for example a blood transfusion.  Moreover, the fact that your former boyfriends did not have sex with a "man" does not mean that they do not habor the virus - they could have contracted it from a sexual encounter with a women!  
I would advise you to get tested for HIV for your own peace of mind, so  the doctors can begin treating you for it "if" you do have it, and to prevent further disease transmission and remember, use a condom!
Best of luck.
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i heard that when you have h.i.v that you get really tired than usuall.
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Go to your dr for testing.  This is the only way you can know that you have it or not.  Regards
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