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HPV, Cone Biopsy, Children, Beta-mannan and now new problem. What to do?

My husband of 2.5 yrs & I were planning to start a family 9 months ago.I sched.appt w/my DO for yrly exam.Well I now know the importance of having a Gyno,to say the least.It had been 7months since my last pap which was normal.the pap 3months before that was said to have changing cells thats all nothing to worry about and my first abnormal(but still normal)result.This time was way diff.my normal cells changed to moderate-severe displasia.I was schedualed for a colposcopy& ECC w/my now new obg.Worst fears confirmed along w/HPV(with absolutly no symptoms)diagnosis.Before being married I had protected sex w/3 guys which includes my now husband.This is all very shocking to me.I had every test possible done on me when I turned 20.The yr I was engaged.I am now 24.I am sched. for surgery(Cone Biopsy)in 4 days.I know that this kind of thing moves slow,only 2% of all abnormal paps turn into cancer,& Cone biopsy has an 80-85%success rate.I want to have children& know that could most likely be a problem after the surgery.After reading up on every thing I could find on HPV,I have come to grips with it and I beleive there has got to be a better way for me to get through this problem,that could potentially go away on its own, without having life changing surgery that may not work and may need to be repeated over&over again,decreasing my chances of ever having children(which would absolutly devistate me).I found this site about Beta-mannan& how combined with good nutrition,vitamins,exercise&less stress could be the answer.Could you give me your opinion?health-science-report.com  Thank you!
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I've tried many things but it really depends on the type of HPV you have. It's very important to know the TYPE of HPV. It is most common to have multiple strains of the virus simultaniously. HPV is something that transfers only throught genital contact with that of HPV infected person there need not be any symptoms.

HPV is one of the most commmon STD's in the wolrd, as most people are unaware since most of it is under the surface of the skin. Check out the Center for Disease Control website it's packed with links latest reports on the pandemic etc.

Only the types 6 & 11 exhibit external genital warts with a LOW risk of contracting cervial cancer. With types 6,11 your are more at risk if you have a weak/comprimised immune system. I unfortunately have a difficient immune system due to being 4lbs 6oz at term when i was born - I'm alive due to prayers and modern medical miracles. I am at greater risk than someone who is perfectly healthy and still I'm low risk compaired to the other types of HPV where you will more than likely contract Cervical cancer given enough time.

Unfortunately there are literally hundreds of strains and since there is no way to test for HPV in men it is nearly impossible to find out all there is to know. The best resource of the scientific community has been the harvesting of cervical cells through pap smears. There are women in their 60's and 70's with HPV and are not being told the specifics by thier practitioners due to the shock factor.

We are still in the begining of the study phases of this disease. It is the Cervical Cancer caused by HPV that they are "close" to having a cure for. You can live a long healthy life style with hpv and be completely unaware.

I've been married 8 years have 3 children (1 which I gave in adoption long ago). While is is certian that my husband has been infected (due to the fact that my ab. paps, with the begining of celular change, date back to my first as a teenager) we have been together for so long with no complications. It is best to concider abstaining during an outbreak if your DH is concerned with "becoming" infected. During the outbreak the virus is usually more likely to cause infection.

There are many camps on theories about whether HPV is lifelong or something your body can naturally clear up like a cold virus. Especially since all warts - plantar etc. - are HPV viruses. Usually types 1, (and others I can't remember at the moment), but they are not STD's. To clarify the point some believe the body can defeat/build immunity to HPV viruses. Others believe that your body is only able to put the HPV into a remission of sort - but it will always be present. I tend to follow the later camp.

I have only had two outbreaks of visible HPV in my life. I had one as a teen and 14yrs later. I have been experiencing this outbreak for 8months. Beta-mannan is relying heavily on it's main ingredient  of Aloe to provide results. It does seem to work well with RRP infected children, according to blogs and other forums on RRP. I won't buy it for my HPV. I've done the force of nature oils - didn't work for me, thuija occidentalis (homeopathy) might have worked on two tiny warts, i've excised one large wart on my own. It hurt but because i was doing it - i had no issues i could take my time and breaks if needed. I sterilized everything three ways, etc. -

I'm not trying to recommend this . . . I just have had really horrible experience with male gyn that I did not want to go throught this with one of them. I had been seeing a midwife for all of my ob & gyn needs. When my pap was sent for dna testing it came back with HPV 6,11. Funny thing was we were trying to see if I had systemic yeast - which I don't just a not so great immune system.

I did a lot of research before deciding to do this. I did not want the scarring; life time pain at inscision site; reaccurence of the wart that 80% of the time occurs with ob/gyn removal of genital warts. There is such a larger area of healthy tissues being damaged that it results in furthering the hpvs progression in those affected cells. I have no scarring and no pain and two months later still nothing reoccuring in the particular spot.

I'd go with more thuija occidentalis from Boiron Homeopathy but our local source has run out for the time being. I think I'll order it online. Only 6$ for a week supply - much cheaper then beta-mannan.

The issue with kids = it freaked me out so much when I found out being a mother of two I cried for three days straight. luckily I think on the cellular level. I was able to decipher a couple of documents online regarding the clinical studies of the transferrence of certian types of HPV.

It can (as far as we know) only be transferred with direct genital-genital contact. That's why condoms don't work - HPV can be in ANY genital tissue (including anus) not just the shaft of the penis. Since there is no dna test available to test male tissue samples the only evidence of this has been through outbreaks of warts on infected patients.

There is a rare disease called RRP(Reoccuring Respiratory Palpilloma(sp?)) which an infected mother transfers the disease to her child in the birth canal. This causes warts/palpillomas to grow repeatedly on the soft tissues lining the mouth; tounge; esophagus and vocal cords.

This disease is RARE and is most commonly found in women giving birth to thier first child under the age of 20 who happens to be male. (which is not always the case - but again the disease is rare the ratios are low) The other factor in this is the mothers all have HPY types 6,11.

Basically all I feel I can do now is pray, read and talk to other women about it. I wish you strength, peace and happines.
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Hey girly don't worry about a thing.  I had the exact same thing happen about 4 or 5 yrs ago.  HPV is actually in about 80% of women (according to my dr) and they do not even know they have it because it can lay dormant for a long time.  I had a LEEP done where they removed part of my cervix because I was right at cervical cancer but they got it all in time and my paps so far have been normal THANK GOD.  Do not worry about having babies.  There is a slight chance your cervix could open but they will monitor you carefully to see if they need to stitch it shut.  I had a baby boy a year ago and all was great.  I had MANY u/s to check for cervical lenth.  Do not worry about this.  You are not alone and you can have babies.   Just keep up on ALL your gyn. appts and Good luck to U.
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Thank you sooo much for your advice.  

I have never had even a planters wart or any other type of wart.  My husband had a wart when he was a young boy (oh say when he was 5 or 6yrs old) on his hand and he went to a dr to get it talked off.He is from a very small place in the middle of nowhere where they believed this sort of thing worked and it did!Sounds weird to me but if it worked it worked.He has not had any warts since.I don't have the hpv types 6 or 11.If it were not for the test I would have never known I had HPV or dysplasia.I have 16 and 18 which only causes displasia.From reading up on all of this, I found that hormonal changes due to birth control and stress can cause HPV to cause dyplasia.This problem of the abnormal pap started right after I stopped taking birth control which I had been taking religiously for 7 yrs.I quite smoking a 5 months ago which I had also been doing religiously for 5 yrs.I don't drink anymore because I get migrains and can't stand to have the slightest hint of a hangover.All  used to drink was mountain dew and sweet sweet tea.  Now all I drink is propel and cranberry juice.My work has been very stressful lately because I am tring to study, pass difficult test, work, cook, clean, and do my part to take care of our two black labs.  One is very obedient and the other has no obedience which has caused me much stress not to mention the traffic around here.  its enough to drive you insaine.  My best qualities is the ability to listen and learn, patient, positivity, perserverance, my values, and my will and drive for sucess.I don't ever give up!I have had many changes in my hormones, daily routines and such over the past few months and think that is why I am now facing this problem.

With all of this said, I know I can workout regularly, eat well and take care of my stress problems.

Do you think I should cancel the surgery moving it back for 4 months and in the mean time try this beta-mannan, exercise, nutrition, taking vitamins, cutting back on stress and increasing my immune system.  Then in four months get a pap to see if all this has helped.  If it has not then go through with the surgery then.  Do I have time?  my first abnormal pap was 2 months ago.  Do you think this is worth a try?
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I would do the surgery now.   Don't risk it getting worse and becoming cancer.  You sound very busy and wish you all the best.
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I just found out I have HPV and I am scared. I think I'm more scared because it seems that my OB/GYN doesn't think it's a big deal. Not only that, he removed warts using acid and it was very painful and uncomfortable for me. I told him that I wanted a test to see what strains that I had. He told me that he could only do that if I had an abnormal Pap. Why is that? Why can't I have it done anyway for my own peace of mind. I need to know that I'm going to be ok. I need to know what strains I have in order to find out what risk I have of cervical cancer.  My OB/GYN doesn't want to give me the treatment that i asked for. I told him I wanted a cream to take home and he told me that he preferred to use the acid instead. Why can't he just give me the cream. My girlfriend uses the cream and she told me that it works for her and caused her less discomfort. I'm so upset right now because I feel like I cannot make any choices here in my treatment. Is my doctor right by doing this? I feel like he won't let me make any of my own medical decisions.
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Long story short had cerical dysplasia (mod to high grade) had a LEEP and all was well.  Had baby # 4 and 8mnths later it was back.  I had moderate dysplasia and again was HPV positive.  I had decided last time around that I wanted to try a most holistic approach if there was a next time.  So I ordered Beta Mannan and tried it for 3 mnths as they recommend.  Went for another coloposopy and the Beta Mannan had brought it down from MODERATE to MILD... BIG WOW! So I called the company and they sent me 10 bottles for F R E E! and suggested that I do another 3 mnths.   I did.  Went last week for a follow up pap and today I got my call.  I of course thought is was bad news because the doctor said she would only call if there was a problem.  She said that the endocervical canal and the cervical paps were both NORMAL!  ANOTHER WOW!  She was really just calling to get the number to the Beta Mannan comapny for another patient : )  I am going to go back in 3 mnth for a follow up pap.  
This has truely been a blessing to me.  I know that tons of women struggle with this issue and I wish that more people knew about this supplement.  The offer a money back guarentee if it doesn't work for you.  

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I've been testing positive for HPV since 2004, mostly with normal paps, but have had abnormal paps too,  I have  had one colposcopy a few years back and a few paps later still had some abnormal paps on and off (repeating paps every 6 months)  Dr. scheduled me for a cone but I did not go.  That was a few years back.  I have a new female ob/gyn and she describes the HPV as a 'nuisance'.  I too, do not want to continue undergoing colposcopies and other heinous invasives 'tests'.  This month's pap was fine for cells, but still HPV positive.  My partner and I have decided to go the beta-mannan route and I have started my first bottle (I got the 3 month supply).  I am due for a re-pap in May.  I am interested to see what the results are and will post back (May 2011).  If HPV is gone, then my partner is also going to start the beta mannan since obviously we would be cross contaminating each other.  I am keeping positive thoughts for a successful outcome.  Would also love to hear some positive results from folks other than on Dr. Glickman's site.
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Thanks for posting. I'm wondering if you tried Betamannan and how the results were when you went back in May 2011 and/or subsequent visits?
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Hi I had HPV abnormal after taking Beta mannan pills and eat good healthy food.  After 3 months and took HPV test  it became normal and then wait a year later to take HPV test again.. normal again.. Until recently, I got a call from Kaiser about my making appt with them after taking my HPV test in a week ago.   I wonder if they don't believe in me even though I don't have any boyfriend or one night stand with anyone in 22 years.    Why is that?  I am feeling fine or no pain..   I wonder if they don't believe in me after two HPV test back normal??  I don't want them to rip me off.??  What do you suggest?
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Hi!  I had HPV abnormal and found information online on Beta Mannan pills on my own. I don't want anyone know about my health status.  I had faith in Beta Mannan pills for 3 months.  Took HPV test and got result of normal and then did taking HPV test a year later, it gave me the same result normal.   I had stopped taking HPV pills cuz im clear of HPV.   I was told to have an other HPV check up last week.  After taking HPV test, then I got a call from Kaiser saying that I need to make an appt and follow up.  Why is that? I called but no answer.    What is that means?

I have no pain in my lower tummy area or stopped taking beta mannan?  Even I had no sex with anyone over 22 years now.

I'd like to ask your feedback? Thanks
Rachel Friedman
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Hi  I agreed with  you when I first found out that I have had abnormal Pap smear.  I went on internet looking up for what is remedy of HPV. Found Beta Mannan,  I tried.  I got 3 normal Pap smears in a row.  My doctor ordered me to make an appt for my colposcopy and biopsy even my result of NORMAL Pap smear.   I don't understand  IT does not make sense!   I am grateful for Beta Mannan to prevent from having surgeries.
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